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9 Tips To Host A Compliance Online Training Webinar For Your Employees

9 Tips To Host A Compliance Online Training Webinar For Your Employees – eFrontPro Blog

Do you need to add more interactivity to your compliance online training course? Are your employees tired of sitting through long company policy lectures? In this article, we’ll share 9 tips to make hosting compliance online training webinar a better experience.

How To Host A Compliance Webinar For Your Employees

Webinars are engaging and entertaining, which makes them a perfect fit for dry or dull compliance topics. Employees have the chance to ask questions in real time and interact with their peers and online instructors.

As a result, they are able to clear up any confusion and improve their workplace proficiency. Here are 9 helpful tips to host a compliance online training webinar for your corporate learners.

1. Pair It With An Effective Social Media Strategy

Spread the word on social media about your compliance online training webinar beforehand. Then use these social media platforms to encourage participation during the event. Create a Twitter page for attendees, and assign a hashtag to centralize the online discussion.

Social media allows you to add another level of interactivity so that corporate learners can ask questions and connect with their peers. You can even poll your employees to gauge their interest and identify areas for improvement.

2. Choose The Right Webinar Tool

It’s takes a well-rounded video conferencing tool to host an effective compliance online training webinar. There are some free options, such as Google Hangouts.

However, you may want to invest in a paid software if you plan to host frequently. These platforms usually have more advanced features, like HD recording and built-in online collaboration tools.

Make the most of free trials and demos to see which video conferencing tool is right for the task. You can also ask other eLearning professionals for recommendations, especially those who are experienced webinar hosts.

3. Create A Detailed Outline

The thing to remember regarding compliance online training webinars is that it’s all about balance. You have to impart the key compliance takeaways but you also have to be conscious of your employee’s time. They have busy schedules and don’t have a moment to waste, which is why you should create a detailed outline in advance.

Include all of the talking points, reminders, and updates that you’d like to share. This ensures that you don’t forget any important topics during the event and helps you stay on topic. You may also want to write a script or eLearning storyboard to create time markers.

For instance, the introduction screen should display for 30 seconds before transitioning to the summary.

4. Conduct Surveys To Gather Employee Feedback

It’s wise to conduct surveys before the compliance online training webinar to gauge employee expectations, as well as identify topics that need to be addressed, such as a compliance issue that many employees are dealing with at the moment.

Surveys after the event allow you to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses, such as aspects of the webinar that employees enjoyed or weren’t particularly fond of.

5. Incorporate Supplemental Online Training Resources

Supplemental online training resources are beneficial for a variety of reasons. Firstly, they help employees who may be struggling with a certain topic. A staff member, for example, who is still unsure about the safe handling practices. Secondly, it gives more experienced employees the chance to brush up on their knowledge and skills.

Last but not least, employees who have some free time can learn about new compliance topics to get ahead of the game. For example, they’re able to explore compliance-related tasks that they’ll need in the future once they get their promotion.

6. Integrate A Broad Range Of Media

Incorporate images, graphs, sound effects, and other media to create a more immersive online training experience for your employees. This also appeals to a broader range of learning preferences, which improves employee knowledge retention and engagement.

For example, display visual components on the screen during the compliance online training webinar to improve comprehension and highlight the key takeaways. Just make sure that the media doesn’t distract your employees, like music blaring over the audio narration.

7. Invite Guest Speakers

Is there a member of your staff who knows the compliance topic inside and out? Are you in contact with a Subject Matter Expert who is willing to share their expertise?

Inviting a guest speaker to co-host your compliance online training webinar offers employees a unique perspective. Department heads and managers are a great source of information and experience, especially if they are up to date with their respective compliance protocols and company policies.

8. Assess Employees After The Compliance Online Training Webinar

Final online training assessments give you a good indication of employee progress and understanding, such as what they learned during the compliance online training webinar and their current level of proficiency. This allows you to improve your online training strategy and host more effective webinars in the future.

However, it also gives employees the opportunity to identify areas for improvement. For example, compliance online training topics or company policies they may need to brush up on.

Online training assessments have another important benefit, which is to encourage employee reflection. They have the ability to recap the event and focus on the key ideas or concepts.

9. Record For Later Viewing

Some of your employees may be unable to attend the live event. For this reason, you should record your compliance online training webinar and upload it to your site or Learning Management System. This also gives you the chance to add other forms of media or supplemental training resources.

As an example, you can transform the compliance webinar into a mini-course by incorporating assessments and activities. This is yet another reason why you should pair the compliance webinar event with a social media strategy. Employees can discuss the topic and share their ideas long after the fact on social networking sites.

These 9 tips can help you host a winning compliance online training webinar that imparts compliance knowledge without boring your employees to tears. Host webinars on a regular basis in order to boost employee involvement. Just make sure to focus on one topic at a time to prevent cognitive overload.

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