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Improve compliance, reduce costs and advance patient-centric care


There is always room for improvement in the healthcare sector. Whether in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, the life sciences or as healthcare providers, medical professionals are in the business of revision. But as the industry faces high turnover, disengaged workers, demand for better care, as well as technological and regulatory changes, it is imperative to keep up. With eFront on your side, you can improve your training to keep your workforce current, informed and engaged.

Key challenges for the healthcare sector

Strict regulations

In addition to following governmental regulations and other rules, healthcare providers must also adhere to and be up-to-date with medical protocols and procedures.

Lack of training time

While there is a demand for medical professionals to stay current with medical advancements and up-to-date with skills, there is a shortage of time.

Unsustainable costs

Healthcare is expensive to deliver and can be expensive to receive. Without cost-effective solutions in place, organizations become unsustainable in the long term.

High employee turnover

The high stress on medical professional leads to labor shortages, high turnover, and disengaged workers.

The benefits of using an LMS for healthcare training

This sector can capitalize on the benefits of delivering online training via a healthcare LMS. It’s a cost-effective, dynamic, and self-paced solution. An ideal way for busy learners to jump in and out of training from wherever they want and whenever they can.

Easy administration

Training a busy and diverse workforce can be an administrative burden. But with an LMS built for ease of administration, you can automate and simplify repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

Rapid accessibility

It’s not only faster and easier to create online courses, but it’s also quicker and more convenient to deploy to your learners.

Continuous training

Keep your employees current with medical changes and up-to-date with new skills with a cost-effective continuous training program delivered online.

Healthcare compliance training

Online training improves information retention. An LMS decreases risk by delivering effective healthcare compliance training to all your employees. And keeps track with performance reports and audit logs.

Improve medical onboarding

Onboarding with a learning management system is faster, more engaging and prepares employees with the right tools to hit the ground running.


Compared to offline learning, a multi-tenant LMS reduces training costs by integrating thousands of trainees from multiple locations into a single platform.

Benefits checklist

  • Ease and speed of accessibility
  • Scalable by design
  • Reduces regulatory risks
  • Reduces health risks of patients and carers
  • Efficient medical onboarding
  • Optimizes regulatory training
  • Improves compliance training completion rates
  • Easy administration

Why use eFront for training in the healthcare industry

eFront bends and shapes to suit the need of organizations in the healthcare industry. It scales to any organization size and features extensive customizations options. And with advanced security features, eFront keeps the healthcare industry’s sensitive data safe.

Flexible organizational structure

eFront allows you to build as many isolated training environments as you require based on the organization structure of your hospital or your training needs.

Healthcare compliance tracking

Reduce costs with eFront, by delivering, managing and tracking compliance training all in one online platform. For compliance tracking, eFront generates advanced reports and audit logs.

Remote training

eFront's mobile-optimized, offline compatible eLearning platform is ideal for medical professionals who are often called on for emergencies. With eFront, your learners can dip in and out of training whenever their schedules allow --with no problems.


To ease the administrative burden of training, eFront automates repetitive tasks and simplifies processes. With custom integrations, you can also connect eFront with other software and systems in your organization.

User segmentation

eFront’s advanced customization options let you classify employees by any categorization appropriate to your healthcare organization. Create as many segments as you want for your training needs by job, responsibilities or any custom field.

Supports automated certification management

eFront also offers robust and automated certification management. Whether for regulatory or compliance needs, you can issue eLearning certifications with expiry dates and the system will remind your learners when they need to recertify.

Flexible deployment

Keep your data more secure with on-premise deployment or opt for a fully-managed private-cloud solution for added accessibility and cost-efficiency.

Supports blended learning

Not all healthcare training or medical learning is appropriate for online delivery. eFront offers training via webinars and supports instructor-led courses, hands-on training or collaborative workshops.