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Run training as smoothly as your assembly line

Cut troublesome costs, noncompliance, and low engagement out of the picture

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Organize your training ecosystem

Stay agile with:

Job roles

Mass actions

Time-saving automations

Straightforward integrations

Cut training costs

Stress less about your budget. Learn on a platform that costs a fraction of quarterly training days, bespoke solutions, and other enterprise LMSs. Plus, as training happens anytime, anywhere, it won’t cut into your production line – improving performance and boosting ROI.

Reduce expenses with:

Blended learning

Native mobile app

Reusable content

Inactive user archive

Trusted by world-leading companies

  • The platform itself has proven to be very stable and low-maintenance from a technical point of view. Onboarding new users to the platform is very easy since it is so self intuitive.


    Blaise Porter | Manager Service Excellence
  • All of the other LMSs that we researched did not have this flexibility that we required and so we were pleasantly surprised that eFront would adapt and change for us.


    Robert Matovu | IT Manager
  • eFront’s professional services team were able to provide extensive cosmetic and functional changes to make a tight integration with our supporting website.


    Gregory Short | President

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Power up manufacturing training with ready-made courses from TalentLibrary™

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Onboarding training

Employee training

Extended enterprise training

Compliance training

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