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eFront for the Energy Sector

Improve compliance and safety, reduce costs and drive digital innovation


The energy industry fuels our lives. But mounting geopolitical uncertainty, the rise of tech and new energy sources, and the evolving marketplace has presented a set of urgent business challenges -and opportunities. With eFront, you can prepare your entire value chain to meet and capitalize on these changes.

Key challenges faced by energy companies

Strict regulations

Governments and regulatory bodies are encouraging smarter measuring systems and greener standards for generation and consumption. The result: stringent regulations.

Changes in supply and demand

As emerging economies slow down and the geopolitical landscape remains uncertain, the market has reshuffled making it hard for companies to predict future supply and demand.

Digital disruptions

The energy industry faces significant challenges from the digital revolution. New technologies are making the cybersecurity of grid systems more vulnerable. While innovation outside the oil and gas industry threatens profits.

Talent shortage

The restructuring of the industry and the looming retirement of oil and gas industry veterans has led to a labor shortage as well as a skills gap crisis.

The benefits of using an LMS in the energy industry

Uncertain times call for a measure of certainty. And for organizations in the energy sector, one thing is certain: using an LMS for energy training will make it easier to attract, retain and train top talent. Energy training delivered online is a cost-effective, dynamic, and flexible solution. You can train employees and non- employees wherever they are and whenever they can.

More scale, lower cost

Compared to traditional offline learning, a multi-tenant LMS reduces operating costs by integrating thousands of trainees from multiple locations into a single online platform.

Continuous training

As regulations, tech and processes change, an ongoing training program delivered online will keep your workers current and reduce costly mistakes.

Effective onboarding

Get new hires to work faster with a strong onboarding process. Not only does engagement increase but your employees get the right tools and knowledge to jump straight into work.

Optimized security training

Whether you’re offshore training, drill training or oil & gas training, an online program decreases risk factors by delivering effective health and safety training for employees.

Boost customer satisfaction

For utility companies, online customer training can serve as an alternative to customer support and provide a superior customer experience that can boost loyalty.

Easy administration

Reduce the administrative burden that collects as you train a diverse and dispersed workforce. An LMS can automate and simplify repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

Benefits checklist

  • Ease of administration
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Scalable
  • Remote accessibility
  • Increases adherence to policy
  • Supports effective safety orientation
  • Optimizes regulatory training
  • Improves compliance training completion rates

Why use eFront for training in the energy industry

eFront adapts to suit the needs of organizations in the energy industry. It scales to any company size and features extensive organization and customizations options. And with advanced security features, eFront meets the energy industry’s demanding security requirements.

Flexible organizational structure

eFront adapts to any enterprise. It’s ideal for energy companies looking to build isolated training portals that mirror their corporate structure as well as expands as the workforce grows.

Compliance tracking

Make sure your employees and your organization is safe by delivering compliance training with eFront. The platform keeps track of learners’ performance and generates custom advanced reports and audit logs.

Remote training

With eFront's mobile-optimized, offline compatible eLearning platform you can still train your dispersed workforce across the world, even if connectivity is an issue.

Skill-gap tests

eFront's advanced skill-gap testing features enable you to identify gaps in your employees’ skills and develop those skill as needed.

User segmentation

Classify employees by any categorization appropriate to your company with eFront’s advanced customization options. Create as many segments as you want for your training needs.

Flexible deployment

Choose between a security first on-premise deployment or opt for a fully-managed private-cloud solution for added accessibility and cost-efficiency.

Custom performance reports

eFront's advanced reporting system is perfect for tracking performance as well as results to keep improving your energy training.

Browser compatibility

eFront is ready to be installed on most Linux and Windows distributions and is fully compatible with all modern browsers.