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In the works

Multilingual content

We’re currently finalizing eFront’s multilingual content feature so instructors can add language translations to new or existing courses without duplicating content. Based on their language criteria, learners will be able to take their training in their preferred language.

Course announcements

We’re currently working on a new feature that enables instructors to make announcements about their courses. They’ll be able to let learners know they’ve added new content, post reminders about deadlines, etc. With course announcements, learners will always stay in the loop.


Gradebooks will help learners access and review their grades to get a better understanding of their progress. At the same, instructors and administrators won't have to spend their time looking for assignments and tests that need to be graded. Allowing instructors and admins to access test and assignment scores for all learners assigned to a course will increase training efficiency and overall productivity.

On the way


Α new API will provide a complete, more powerful yet simple way to integrate eFront with third-party systems and create custom operations and workflows for your training platform.

On the horizon

Automation engine

In the following months, we're incorporating automation features into eFront to give you the ability to replace manual error-prone and repetitive processes with simple, automated rules.

New permission system

The current process used to grant permission to your eFront training platform will get significantly simplified. A permission paradigm will be implemented, so access rights to users will be granted through policies.

Modern front-end interface

Based on our new, upcoming API, we'll be releasing a fresh front-end interface, bringing eFront up-to-date with the latest UI and UX trends, while ensuring speed, ease-of-use, and easier accessibility.