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eFront for the Technology Industry

Reduce security threats and retain top talent to keep innovating


The tech industry keeps moving at warp speed. This new normal requires tech companies to be quick, agile and innovative if they even want to step into the arena. Growing technology companies must hire the best people and invest in their talent. Together with eFront, you can deliver effective online training to your entire network and outperform the competition.

Key challenges for the technology sector

Battle for talent

To out-innovate the competition, tech companies are engaging in a war for top talent.

Security attacks

Attack vendors’ numbers are rising. Massive data breaches are in the headlines. It takes 120 days to detect a breach. Companies are looking for smart and efficient ways to maximize cybersecurity.

The rise of the “Gig Economy”

As flexible, project-based arrangements become acceptable, companies are leaving themselves open to more security threats, unmotivated workers and poor integration into the company.

Increasing regulations

As complex regulations become the norm, tech and software companies need tools and resources to stay on top of new and existing rules, especially as they expand internationally.

The benefits of using an LMS for IT training

Tech companies are perfectly poised to capitalize on the benefits of delivering online training via an LMS. It’s cost-effective, dynamic, and provides flexible workflows for employees and non- employees from one centrally-located platform.

More scale, lower cost

A multi-tenant LMS makes it easier to create and deploy to all your people. It reduces operating costs by integrating thousands of trainees from multiple locations into a single platform.

Continuous training

Ongoing training creates the kind of culture that attracts and retains top talent. An LMS is ideal for companies and people who value life-long learning and career development.

Effective onboarding

Kickoff your employee engagement strategy from Day 1. A strong onboarding process makes a good first impression and gives your talent the right tools and knowledge to get to work faster.

Efficient security training

An LMS can manage all the moving parts of security training. By delivering effective cyber security training for employees you’ll reduce risk of damaging data breaches.

Boost customer satisfaction

By offering online customer training, your customers will learn to use your product and service optimally. Your customer training portal can also serve as an alternative to customer support.

Easy administration

Training a diverse workforce can be an administrative burden. But with an LMS and LMS plugins you can automate and simplify repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

Benefits checklist

  • Ease of accessibility
  • Cost-efficient
  • Scalable
  • Reduces security risks
  • Efficient and engaging onboarding
  • Creates a culture of learning with continuous training
  • Increases employee retention
  • Boosts customer satisfaction & loyalty
  • Supports IT security training and compliance training
  • Easy administration

Why use eFront for training in the IT industry

eFront bends and shapes to suit the needs of high tech organizations. It scales to any company size, features extensive organization and customizations options. And with advanced security features, eFront meets the tech industry’s demanding security requirements.

Flexible organizational structure

eFront adapts to any enterprise. Whether you’re a growing startup or an established giant, you’ll be able to build isolated training portals that mirror your corporate structure. The platform can also shrink and expand as your workforce changes.

Compliance tracking

With eFront, you can rest easy while delivering compliance training because the platform keeps track of learners’ performance. It also generates advanced reports and audit logs for confident compliance tracking.

Remote training

With eFront's mobile-optimized, offline compatible eLearning platform, your learners can train from anywhere at anytime.

Skill-gap tests

eFront's advanced skill-gap testing features enable you to identify gaps in your talents’ skill set and then deliver even more targeted training.

User segmentation

Classify employees by any categorization appropriate to your company with eFront’s advanced customization options. Create as many segments as you want for your training needs.

Flexible deployment

Keep your data more secure with on-premise deployment or opt for a fully-managed private-cloud solution for added accessibility and cost-efficiency.

Custom performance reports

eFront's advanced reporting system is perfect for tracking employee performance as well as the performance of your training material and processes.

Supports blended learning

eFront offers engaging employee or extended network training via webinars, instructor-led courses, hands-on tech training or collaborative workshops.