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The need for education will never change. But the way we learn and the way we teach will. It’s vital for schools, universities and other organizations in the education industry to look to the future, instead of the past. With eFront, you can equip both students and teachers with the skills and knowledge essential for the 21st century.

Key challenges for the education sector

Generational shifts

Whether a public school, a private academy or a college or university, your students will have grown up with technology. Traditional classroom learning is no longer able to keep their attention.

Rise of MOOCs

As massive open online courses (MOOCs) become more pervasive, formal education institutions like colleges and universities face increasing competition.

Inflexible budgets

As the world economy slows down and governments tighten spending, education budgets are decreasing. And even in privately-funded education institutions, budgets are often rigid with pressure to show return-on-investment immediately.

Talent shortage

With half of all teachers leaving the occupation after five years, and a low retention rate overall, educational institutions are facing a talent shortage that needs to be addressed.

The benefits of using an LMS for education

Move your traditional classroom online and gain all the advantages of eLearning in education. Like, reducing costs and creating a more dynamic and enjoyable learning experience for students. By using learning management systems in the education sector, you’ll reach more students, cultivate more minds and help teachers reach their full potential.

Supports immersive learning

Learning management systems for schools make it easier for teachers to offer blended learning courses and enrich those courses with audio, video and other social learning tools.

Automated grading

Learning management systems come with assessment engines that help create all types of tests that teachers can use to automatically set points as learners go through them. This reduces grading time and frees up teachers to provide more effective support to students.

Offers remote learning

Students, parents and teachers can access the online virtual classroom from anywhere in the world, at any time, and in some cases, even if connectivity is an issue.

Boost student engagement

Points, levels, badges, leaderboards and rewards encourage higher engagement with learning material. Activate eLearning gamification and learning becomes more enjoyable for students.

More scale, lower cost

Compared to traditional classroom learning, a multi-tenant LMS reduces operating costs by integrating thousands of learners from multiple locations into a single online platform. Ideal for organizations offering distance learning education courses.

Smart administration

An easy-to-use LMS can automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Reduces the administrative burden on teachers so they can use their time in smarter more effective ways.

Benefits checklist

  • Ease of administration
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Scalable by design
  • Remote accessibility
  • Reduces teachers’ workload
  • Enriches learning experience
  • Supports multi-device learning
  • Optimizes blended learning courses
  • Effective course delivery
  • Boosts student engagement

Why use eFront in the education industry

eFront adapts to suit the needs of educational institutions whether public or private, K-12 or higher education. The platforms scales to any size and features extensive organization and customizations options. And with advanced security features, eFront offers a seamless learning experience for users.

Flexible organizational structure

As a multi-tenant LMS, educational institutions can use eFront to build isolated learning portals to mirror their structure. Create as many segments as you want by grade, course title or any other custom segment you need.

Easy course delivery

Both teachers and students will love using eFront to engage with learning content. With an intuitive interface, assessment tools and reusable content, eFront makes course delivery easy and efficient.

Blended learning courses

Create blended learning courses with video, images, interactive apps and audio content. Combine with instructor-led training, whether classroom-based or via teleconference, for an engaging and superior learning experience.


Boost student engagement and make learning more interactive with eFront’s eLearning gamification engine. Features include, points, customizable badges, leaderboards and rewards.

Ease of administration

With eFront’s assessment engine, automation features and advanced reporting system, teachers will be more empowered to create courses that benefit all students --and in less time.

Powerful capabilities for eCommerce

Drive revenue by selling your education offerings online using eFront’s eCommerce features. Set up isolated learning portals for students, let them self register and pay using several online payment gateways or with credits.

Customizations & integrations

eFront can integrate with all other programs and applications for a seamless user experience. You can also customize the look and feel of the learning platform with your institution’s colors.

Advanced certification management

eFront offers robust and automated certification management that lets teachers and administrators create personalized certificates. Issue custom certifications with your style, colors and information.