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eFront for Banking & Finance

Meet regulatory and commercial challenges head on, control risk, and retain top talent


Banks and financial enterprises employ millions of people through a worldwide professional network. And as the regulatory environment becomes stricter and emerging tech drives competition, financial services training is crucial. With eFront, you can deliver training that will minimize risk, improve customer service and fill up your coffers.

Key challenges for financial enterprises

Extensive regulation

The global crisis has led to a surge of regulatory restrictions, causing banks and financial enterprises to face increasing operational risks.

High employee turnover

Competitive, complex and highly regulated, the banking and finance industry suffers from low employee retention rates and a dissatisfied workforce.

FinTech competition

Advanced transaction technology has transformed consumer demands and given FinTech firms a significant edge over the traditional banking sector.

Dispersed workforce

Managing vast networks of geographically dispersed branches and employees raises issues of quality, performance, and communication.

The benefits of using an LMS for financial services training

Scalable to any workforce size and built to fulfill any banking and finance training scenario (e.g., compliance and risk management training, security training for bank employees), an advanced LMS is the perfect solution for a demanding industry.

Successful onboarding

From orientation to hands-on training, an LMS provides an engaging online learning environment to bring new hires on board quickly and cost-effectively.

Increased compliance

Ideal for regulatory training, compliance tracking, and promoting adherence to policy, LMS-based compliance training keeps employees updated and certified, and organizations in line with the rule of law.

Faster adoption of new technology

A unified training process built and managed on an LMS makes employees adapt to new technology systems quickly and efficiently.

Lower costs, better results

Across the organization, employees can train jointly on a single multi-tenant LMS platform. This makes online learning more cost-efficient and -effective than traditional offline training.

Higher employee retention

An LMS can support and deliver powerful continuous training programs. This promotes employee development and engagement which, in turn, encourages employees to stay with your organization.

Efficient time management

Running diverse training programs (e.g., compliance training, skills training) simultaneously, makes an LMS a time-saving tool and productivity booster.

Benefits checklist

  • Increased compliance
  • Controlled risk management
  • Higher employee retention
  • Efficient onboarding
  • Faster adoption of new technology
  • Optimized employee development
  • Cost efficiency
  • Increased productivity

Why choose eFront for online finance training

eFront is an advanced, enterprise-ready Learning Management System most suitable for the banking and finance industry. With an extensive set of features and capabilities, eFront can specifically address unique training needs of this sector.

Flexible deployment

eFront can be deployed as an on-premise self-sustained installation or in a fully managed private-cloud environment as a secure and cost-effective solution.

Highly secure

Whether hosted on-premise or on private-cloud, eFront offers security by design and numerous additional options to further protect corporate and user data.

Flexible organizational structure

Scalable to any company size necessary, eFront can mirror an enterprise's structure to achieve efficiency and ease of administration.

Skill gap tests

With eFront’s advanced skill-gap tests, banking and finance training can keep employees highly qualified by steadily developing their skill set.

Custom reports

eFront enables management to create and streamline extensive performance reports for tracking employee performance and training activity.

Available in 22 languages

Perfect for syncing employees dispersed in a global banking franchise network, eFront offers support for 22 languages and unlimited vocabulary overrides.

Supports blended learning

Online and traditional learning can be combined within eFront to facilitate efficient training in complex financial products and processes.

Custom certificates

Compliance tracking and regulatory training can be optimized for maximum efficiency with eFront's custom certification and expiration capabilities.