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One learning platform, limitless functionality

eFront is the enterprise learning management system engineered to support the most demanding and complex learning ecosystems

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Blue-chip and other growing enterprises harness the power of eFront
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You know where you’re going, so we step out of your way.

With eFront’s powerful customization options and access to our source code, you can build an enterprise training platform unlike any other.

Starting with a private cloud or on-premise hosting and advanced functionality down to the look, feel and structure, you decide what you need your training platform to do, and eFront does it.


eFront arms your organization with a variety of security filters and administrative tools.

Advanced data encryption, extensive access control, audit logs, SSO, two-factor authentication and other enterprise-grade security features keep your data and platform safe at all times.

Advanced security features – eFront LMS

Put the security of your platform first


eFront LMS Features

eFront is built for organizations with intricate learning ecosystems. And for managers who need a system that’ll go the distance.

From 2003 until today, we haven’t stopped expanding eFront’s functionality and reliability for a smooth learner and administrator experience. Our engineering prowess matches your highest ambitions, year after year.

Where in the world is my data stored?

Private cloud hosting – eFront LMS

Private cloud hosting

We help you comply with your country’s data residency requirements and regulations by hosting your service on world-class AWS infrastructure, based in the U.S., EU, Asia and Australia

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On-premise hosting – eFront LMS

On-premise hosting

We give you the opportunity to host your service on your organization’s servers.

eFront does not depend on third-party internet resources, so it can operate on your company's isolated intranet.

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Top features

eFront LMS optimized for mobile learning
eFront LMS optimized for mobile learning
Your eLearning platform is optimized for learning on the go, ready to be delivered and experienced on your users’ preferred device.
Enterprise-ready LMS - eFront
Enterprise-ready LMS - eFront
Built-in enterprise features
Built-in enterprise features
Enjoy enterprise features like multi-tenancy, skill gap testing, and audit logs at no extra cost.
eFront LMS integrations
eFront LMS integrations
APIs and plenty of native integrations
APIs and plenty of native integrations
Take advantage of our vast capacity for integration and open up a world of functionalities and modifications for your unique training portal.
eCommerce LMS – eFront
eCommerce LMS – eFront
Make the most of our eCommerce integrations by reselling your courses.

Customer results with eFront

The platform itself has proved to be very stable and low-maintenance from a technical point of view. Onboarding new users to the platform is very easy since it is so self intuitive.
Fujitsu - eFront customer testimonials
Blaise Porter
Manager Service Excellence
All of the other LMS’s that we researched did not have this flexibility that we required and so we were pleasantly surprised that eFront would adapt and change for us.
Emberin - eFront customer testimonials
Robert Matovu
IT Manager
eFront’s professional services team were able to provide extensive cosmetic and functional changes to make a tight integration with our supporting website.
IEP - eFront customer testimonials
Gregory Short
President at IEP