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Mobile learning

Bring efficiency to your training with eFront's native iOS and Android apps


The iOS and Android apps offer the best-of-class microlearning, micro-certification and offline learning experience, by combining eFront's full-featured LMS engine with a streamlined, mobile-optimized, UI.
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Training on the go

eFront mobile makes eLearning on the go (including offline learning) effortless, efficient and fun.

SCORM goes mobile

SCORM content is now mobile compatible and even available offline. All progress can also be synced with your main portal

Unified experience

Start a course on the web portal and continue it on the mobile app (or vice versa) - eFront will even synchronize your offline progress when you're back

Game on (and on)

eFront for Android and iOS helps you stay engaged, beat the competition and provides full access to your progress and gamification status (points, levels, badges, etc)

Includes all necessary tools

eFront mobile supports all of your familiar learning tools, including assessments, multiple question types, and unit and course completion rules

Multi-tenant access

The mobile apps give you access to all of your Branches ― as well as letting you access your full user profile
*You need an eFront portal account in order to use the mobile apps. Create a demo account online , or contact our sales team for any questions you might have