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Empower your customers

With eFront for customer training

What is customer training?

Customer training is a crucial practice where companies provide the necessary education and support for customers to use their products or services successfully. This empowers your customers, decreases customer support tickets and boosts loyalty.

Why it’s important

Adopting a customer training program and investing in customer training software is critical to a company’s success.

Increases customer satisfaction

Educating your customers in the correct way to use your product or service cuts back on early user frustration and decreases customer support interactions. A customer who can implement a new product or service smoothly is a happy customer.

Boosts customer loyalty

It’s cheaper to retain an existing customer than it is to attract a new one. Customer training programs keep customers coming back.

Creates brand ambassadors

Loyal customers will become your best salespeople.

Gives you a competitive edge

Distinguish your company by offering the best customer experience and you won’t have to touch your profit margins.

Why take your customer training online?

Take your training online for a superior customer experience. Customers have easy access to the right material whenever they need it. And your organization’s revenue will increase by eliminating costly printing, and reducing customer support interactions.

Why choose eFront

Empower Your Customers

eFront is an intuitive LMS allowing your customers to easily navigate through their training at their own convenience. With active gamification, it rewards learners offering a superior customer experience.

Customize Your Customer Training Environment

Not only can you design, create, deploy and manage your customer training courses exactly the way you want, but eFront also allows you to brand your environment so your customers feel at home.

Track Real-Time Progress

Keep track of your customer’s training and certifications with ease. And create effective reports with information that is important to you.

Manage Customer Training Programs For All Segments

With eFront you can deploy separate but centrally managed customer training programs for different products, regional markets, or target audiences.

Expands As Your Customer Base Grows

eFront is built to keep up with your hard work. A single eFront eLearning portal can accommodate tens of thousands of customers, regardless of their location. And can expand as your customer base grows.

Make It Yours

eFront is more than just a customer training software, it is a dynamic LMS that integrates seamlessly into other organizational infrastructure. And with access to the source code, you can truly make it yours.