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-new courses added quarterly

Courses your entire workforce will attend

Bitesize courses, no longer than 15’
Each course consists of mini-lessons ranging between 2-3 minutes each. Segmenting information into manageable data reduces cognitive load - resulting in users being more likely to enjoy training, complete it, and implement it at work.

Engaging narrative to maintain learner focus

Engrossing stories are the ones people remember best. Each course is based around a memorable context to capture the learner’s attention, immerse them in the content, and improve information retention.

Authored & reviewed by experts

Subject matter experts are consulted on each topic and heavily inform the content in the creation stage. Senior instructional designers then review every course, ensuring the intended skills and knowledge are transferred.



Charismatic & captivating characters

A cast of 10 animated characters assumes a variety of roles to accompany your people along their learning path. With cameos from familiar faces including caped crusaders, TV’s favorite friends, and the world’s most famous playwright, TalentLibrary™ is sure to delight and keep your learners returning for more.