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Piece together course units for training that shows learners the complete picture. Prompt TalentCraft to create comprehensive courses that follow a logical learning path.

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Never dig through irrelevant stock photos or try to snap your own again. Generate visual context for your learners in seconds, without the legwork.

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Walk your people through the processes they need to replicate. Generate step-by-step guides to ensure your business always runs according to plan.

AI tools for business empower you to quickly generate step by step processes

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Test your learners’ knowledge with a click. TalentCraft’s AI test generator creates multiple-choice questions, directly based on your content.


eFront gives you more than a simple AI course generator.

Here’s more of what you can create with TalentCraft:



Table of contents

Step-by-step processes

Multiple choice questions

Labeled graphics




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  • The platform itself has proven to be very stable and low-maintenance from a technical point of view. Onboarding new users to the platform is very easy since it is so self intuitive.


    Blaise Porter | Manager Service Excellence
  • All of the other LMSs that we researched did not have this flexibility that we required and so we were pleasantly surprised that eFront would adapt and change for us.


    Robert Matovu | IT Manager
  • eFront’s professional services team were able to provide extensive cosmetic and functional changes to make a tight integration with our supporting website.


    Gregory Short | President

Frequently asked questions

Can I download and/or use my TalentCraft-generated content elsewhere?

The content you create with TalentCraft is only supported in eFront, and cannot be downloaded or exported to another software.

How many courses can I create with TalentCraft?

There is no limit on the amount of TalentCraft courses, units, or content you can create.

How do I enable TalentCraft in my portal?

You can enable TalentCraft through your eFront system settings. Log in to your portal, navigate to your system settings, select Integrations, and enable TalentCraft. Check here for a step-by-step walkthrough.

What data is shared when I create training content in TalentCraft?

The data you share with TalentCraft when creating training content is only sent to TalentCraft. As such, you are only sharing data with Epignosis, the developer of both TalentCraft and eFront. All data is governed by Epignosis’s privacy policy, and never shared with any third party.

What data is shared when I generate training content with TalentCraft’s AI?

TalentCraft’s AI incorporates technologies from OpenAI. Whatever data you put into the AI generator is governed by eFront’s AI terms, and terms of service

How can I test eFront’s AI course generator?

If you already have an eFront account follow these simple steps to enable TalentCraft in your portal Otherwise, you can request a demo to see TalentCraft’s capabilities first-hand.

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