eFront makes integrating your eLearning portal to third party applications and services,
from SSO providers to payment gateways and everything in between, as easy as pie


Teleconference, webinar and ILT support through seamless integration with
the most popular videoconferencing options



WebEx is CISCO's proprietary tele-conference solution. eFront's native support for WebEx allows you to leverage video conference sessions directly from within your favorite eLearning Management System. You can also easily record and store your live lectures for future viewing.

Integrations through Zapier

Integrate eFront with thousands of Zapier-compatible web apps and services




100s of additional apps

Slack, the new king of corporate Instant Messaging needs no introduction. eFront can easily integrate to your Slack account, and e.g. post a notification to some specific channel whenever a new course has been added or another training-related event occurred.


Setup your eLearning store and start receiving online payments with eFront quickly and safely





Foxy Cart

As the leading international payment processor, PayPal needs no introduction. If you want to sell online courses, eFront allows you to easily hook up your PayPal account to your eLearning portal so that you can start receiving payments in no time.

Single Sign On

Integrate eFront with your authentication backend and simplify
the signup and login process across your organization



Active Directory



SAML2 is an industry standard protocol for web-based authentication and authorization. Businesses can use SAML2 compatible identity providers in conjunction with LDAP or Active Directory services for keeping user information and permissions. eFront supports the protocol, allowing you to connect your eLearning portal to any SAML2 speaking identity provider.


Help your users follow their learning schedule and stay ahead
of upcoming training events and ILT sessions

Google Calendar

Outlook Calendar

Yahoo Calendar

Part of Google's suite of online Apps, Google Calendar is a popular web-based Calendar application. eFront can integrate to Google Calendar and automatically publish your training events there.

eLearning Standards

eFront has been designed from the start to offer full support
for the most popular eLearning industry formats and protocols


Tin-Can (xAPI)


SCORM (short for Shareable Content Object Reference Model) is the de facto industry standard for eLearning interoperability. Specifically, SCORM governs how online learning content and Learning Management Systems (LMSs) communicate with each other, allowing eLearning software to play well together and exchange training data. eFront comes with native support for SCORM 1.2, the most successful and widely-adopted version of the standard.

Content Integration

Create rich courses faster by embedded and re-using all kinds
of available training material and multimedia content





OpenSesame is a leading SCORM compatible eLearning content marketplace, featuring over 20.000 courses targeting enterprise training needs across numerous industries. eFront's native OpenSesame integration allows you to search for and purchase eLearning content right from within your eLearning portal.

Javascript Integration

Integrate all kinds of Javascript-based web services in your portal pages to extend their capabilities.


Google Analytics


Zopim is a popular Live Chat service developed by same company that created Zendesk. Add the Zopim widget to your eFront-based portal to communicate with your learners (whether corporate or commercial) in real time.

API & Plugins

eFront gives developers programmatic access for creating any kind of integration or workflow automation



eFront's API allows developers to control the platform programmatically and integrate it with third party applications and scripts. eFront comes with a comprehensive set of endpoints allowing you to call into your eLearning portal from all kinds of third party programming languages and/or platforms, and get information about your Users, Courses, Groups, Lessons, Branches, and other eFront entities. Developers can use eFront's REST methods for writing custom automation scripts, hooking the platform to an ERP, etc. The platform offers a PHP wrapper library as well around the REST-based API.


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2-factor Authentication


IBM Connections

eFront Integrates with Twillio (or Google Authenticator) to provide a robust 2-factor authentication mechanism embedded within your eLearning portal.