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Use eFront’s REST API to integrate your platform with any third-party application or script you want. REST API provides query access to portal entities like Users, Courses, Groups, Lessons, Branches, and more. Developers can use eFront’s REST API to write custom automation scripts or to hook the platform to an ERP. Additionally, eFront offers a PHP wrapper library.

Google calendar

Integrate Google Calendars with eFront, automatically import all your training events and keep learners up to date. 

Outlook calendar

Sync your learning calendar with Outlook to inform your learners of their scheduled training dates and keep it front of mind. 

Yahoo calendar

Export your training timetable to Yahoo to let your learners know what’s in their L&D pipeline and avoid missed deadlines. 

Open Sesame

Connect eFront with OpenSesame and access over 25,000 courses from the convenience of your training portal. 


Create interactive HTML5 content or import custom components to keep training fresh and learners engaged.


Add rich mathematical notation and complex equations to specialize your training.  Integrate Math.js and access an extensive, open-source math library. 


Seamlessly convert various file types to web-friendly formats to ensure smooth content delivery. 


Transform your learning hub into a secure eLearning marketplace with PayPal.


Process payments quickly and securely with the Stripe integration.


Connect eFront with your Braintree account to accept payments from popular digital wallets like Venmo, credit and debit cards, and PayPal.


Launch more than 80 payment gateways and other checkout methods on eFront with Foxy.


eFront has built-in support for SCORM 1.2, allowing for communication between eLearning programs and the exchange of rich content and training data.

xAPI (Tincan)

eFront comes with native support for xAPI (formerly TinCan). xAPI allows eLearning programs to communicate, exchange content, and track all types of learning experiences. 

Aiken & Gift

Create question sets in human-readable files with Aiken and Gift formats. Both file formats can handle multiple choice questions, with Gift accommodating  “Fill the Gap”, “Drag and Drop” and “Free text” style questions.

Zendesk chat

Keep the conversation going in real-time between admins, instructors, and learners, and help your users cover more ground faster. 

Google Analytics

Insert the Google Analytics Javascript snippet directly into your theme to get in-depth reports on traffic to your portal and user activity. 

Custom plug-ins

Adapt eFront however you want. Build custom plug-ins to extend the functionality of your training portal. Create a new set of reports, method of 2-factor authentication, and more. Find out how with the handy plug-in guide.

SAML 2.0

eFront securely communicates and exchanges authentication data with all identity providers using the SAML 2.0 protocol, so you can simplify web-based. authentication for your users.


LDAP is an industry standard for user and data storage for authentication and authorization. eFront supports both OpenLDAP for Linux and Microsoft’s Active directory. 


eFront supports NTLM-based Single Sign-on authentication on stand-alone Windows systems that aren’t using the more recent and secure Microsoft Kerberos package.


Allow your users to sign in to your portal with their Facebook credentials.


Streamline the sign-in process with Google. Let your users authenticate themselves using their Google account.


Set up live presentations, workshops, and webinars directly through eFront using Zoom’s powerful tools. Screen share, record live sessions, and send quick invites for an interactive virtual training experience.

Microsoft teams

Meet, present, and collaborate with your team from any desktop or mobile device. Make virtual training fun with GIFs and stickers, add interactivity with real-time file editing, and go from group chat to virtual conference with a click of a button.


Interface directly with GoToMeeting from eFront to host real-time video training sessions. Share your screen, record, and use drawing tools. The integration also comes with native support for GoToWebinar and GoToTraining.


Blend your training environment with Webex. Host live training sessions, record them, and deliver instructor-led training to your remote learners. 


Integrate real-time collaboration into your training with BigBlueButton. Boost learner engagement, encourage active participation, and record sessions for later replay.


Integrate your Slack account to keep your users posted on new courses, webinar schedule, and other training-related events.


Ensure learner satisfaction by providing instant support through the Zendesk ticketing system.


Connect your eFront portal with MailChimp. Reach new and existing learners with info on training and drive demand for new courses.

Thousands of additional apps

eFront uses Zapier to integrate with over 5000+ third-party applications and services.

2-factor authentication

Strengthen your portal’s security with eFront’s 2-factor authentication, implemented with Twilio or Google Authenticator.


Publish your eFront courses on your WordPress site and share user login and account information.

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