8 Unexpected Uses Of Compliance Online Training Infographics

Infographics aren’t just for marketers. In fact, your employees can use these attention-grabbing online training aids to improve their work performance and stay in compliance. This makes them an ideal “just in time” support resource for every member of your organization. Here are 8 unexpected ways to use infographics in your compliance online training program.

1. Task-Based Knowledge Refreshers

Your employees may require some memory refreshers every now and then. For example, they are in the middle of a task and forget which safety gear they need, or how to complete the sales process in accordance with company policy. Compliance online training infographics give you the opportunity to outline every step of the task, complete with images and captions.

2. Compliance Violation Stat Sheets

Certain employees may need concrete figures to emphasize the importance of compliance online training as, for instance, statistics that center monetary losses due to workplace injuries or theft.

You can also explore the top compliance violations that employees should be aware of. In some instances, they may not even realize they are breaking rules or neglecting company policies.

3. Annual Health And Safety Overviews

How much has your company paid in compliance violation fees and penalties this past year? What is your average rate of on-the-job accidents? Have you introduced any new health and safety training gear or protocols recently? These are all issues to address in your annual overview.

This stresses the significance of safety certifications and accident prevention courses. Thus, employees are more likely to actively participate, as they understand the value of compliance online training.

4. New Rule And Regulation Reminders

More than likely, new federal laws or company policies have gone into effect over the past year; maybe even the past month. Rule and regulation reminders keep employees in the know about the latest legislation and protocols.

They can quickly refer to the compliance online training infographic before starting their work day to stay current. Simply update the visual training tool when new laws go into effect, or when employees need to be aware of policy changes that affect their work duties.

5. Recap Of Compliance Benefits

Employees are more likely to participate in the compliance online training course if they are made aware of the benefits. In other words, how the compliance online training course will help them improve performance and stay safe in the workplace.

Choose a handful of the most notable advantages, then emphasize how each item impacts employees on a personal level. For example, how the ethics compliance policies lead to a more supportive and positive work environment, enhancing workplace performance and productivity.

6. Illustrated Stories And Case Studies

Case studies, real-world examples, and stories are emotionally-centered. They pull employees into the online training experience so that they are able to connect with the online training content. However, they may not be the best approach for left-brained online learners who are mathematically inclined.

You can always pair these stories with illustrations, statistics, and other visual elements to improve comprehension.

7. Company Policy Fact & Figures

Your staff probably doesn’t have time to read through the entire employee handbook every week. But they still need to know about company policies that pertain to their position or department.

A company policy facts & figures infographic highlights the most important policies based on work responsibilities, which is why you need to create a separate compliance online training infographic for each department or job title.

8. Obstacle Road Maps

Are your employees aware of the compliance obstacles they’ll face on the job? Infographic obstacle road maps offer a detailed overview of the most common challenges and how to deal with them. For example, tips for politely declining a client contribution that may be seen as a conflict of interest.

Include a few hurdles that employees may encounter in the workplace, followed by 2 or 3 tricks to surmount them. You can even include links to helpful online training resources, if employees need more information.

4 Top Tips To Create Compliance Online Training Infographics

1. Save Time With An Infographic Template

Many eLearning authoring tools feature infographic templates. This saves you the time and expense of starting from the ground up. You can simply choose the most suitable theme, add your own data and visuals, and then make minor adjustments to the layout.

If your software doesn’t offer this perk, consider downloading free infographic templates from other online training sources.

2. Focus On Compliance Online Training Pain Points

Are there gaps in your current compliance online training program that you need to address? Do employees lack the skills or knowledge they require to stay in compliance? Conduct a thorough online training analysis to pinpoint the pain points.

Then create targeted online training infographics that are personalized and practical. 

3. Captivate Without The Clutter

There’s a fine line between grabbing your employees’ attention and creating unnecessary confusion. Only include relevant graphics, charts, and pictures to de-clutter the design. This also helps employees focus on the key stats and facts instead of being distracted by numerous images.

Have a fresh pair of eyes evaluate your compliance online training infographics to ensure that they achieve the desired effect. Ask them to focus on every aspect of the design, from the font types to the color scheme.

4. Encourage Employees To Create Their Own Compliance Online Training Infographics

Employees must fully comprehend the subject in order to summarize the key points. As such, you can invite them to produce their own compliance online training infographics to reinforce their knowledge and improve memory retention.

Then compile the compliance online training infographics to create an employee-generated microlearning online training repository.

Compliance online training infographics are easy to consume, convenient, and ideally suited for busy remote workers who need quick compliance reminders. Just be sure to follow the golden rule of all online training infographics, which is to keep it stick with one subject, task, or trend to prevent cognitive overload.

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