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Free and Open Source Web Conferencing (Online Meetings, Webinars) Tools for e-Learning

I received several emails, message on Twitter, and InMails on LinkedIn concerning the Open Source Authoring Tools for e-Learning and the Free Stock Photos Sites for e-Learningposts. Guys the most of you find these posts a valuable resource for the e-Learning community. As a result, the following post is Free and Open Source Web Conferencing (Online Meetings, Webinars) Tools for e-Learning.The following list contains free and open source Web Conferencing tools that are n’t in particular order.

Also, you should be sure that the e-Learning community will highly appreciate:

  1. if you post a comment about your experience with these tools and/or,
  2. if you post a comment with a link to any other free and open source Web Conferencing tool.

BigBluebutton* is built for Higher Education. It enables universities and colleges to deliver a high-quality learning experience to remote students. BigBlueButton is an active open source project that focuses on usability, modularity, and clean design — both for the user and the developer. The project is hosted at Google Code. BigBlueButton is built by combining over fourteen open source components.

*note: Epignosis has created a module that provides integration of BigBlueButton conferencing in eFront Open Source Learning Management System. BigBlueButton is a free web-conferencing tool with text chat, audio and video capabilites, a virtual whiteboard and many more presentation and conferencing features.

OpenMeetings is a free browser-based software that allows you to set up instantly a conference in the Web. You can use your microphone or webcam, share documents on a white board, share your screen or record meetings. It is available as hosted service or you download and install a package on your server with no limitations in usage or users.

OpenMeetings Key Features Mini Demo

Mikogo is a free desktop sharing tool full of features to assist you in conducting the perfect online meeting or web conference. Take advantage of the opportunity to share any screen content or application over the Internet in true color quality with up to 10 participants simultaneously, while still sitting at your desk.

Yugma free web conferencing allows anyone, anywhere to instantly share their desktop and ideas online with others. To start hosting your own meetings you have to sign up for FREE. Your Yugma Free web conferencing account allows you to invite up to 20 attendees

Using WebHuddle, you have options and flexibility. Meetings can be conducted either in conjunction with an enterprise’s existing teleconferencing service, or utilizing WebHuddle’s optional voice over IP. WebHuddle also offers recording capabilities — presentations can easily be recorded for playback over any web browser for those who missed the live meeting.

Dimdim delivers synchronized live presentations, whiteboards and web pages while sharing your voice and video over the Internet – with no download. With the Free edition you can get 10 person meetings, 1 way video, standard support, Dimdim branded rooms, and public meetings.

*note: Epignosis has created a module that provides integration of Dimdim conferencing in eFront  Open Source Learning Management System.

Adobe® ConnectNow is a great way to share ideas, discuss details, and complete work with others all online. Reduce travel costs, save time, and increase productivity with a web conferencing solution that’s easy to access and simple to use. ConnectNow operates inside a web browser. There’s no installation required, so getting started is easy and Free

by Christopher Pappas M.B.A., M.Ed.

  • What a useful overview, Christopher!! Thank you for taking the time to create these meaty introductions and gather these introductory vids in one place! People keep asking me to do this and I've just been too busy to do a good job of it like you have here! I so appreciate you taking time to make this post.

    I'm going to link this post on my blog, too, and recommend it into the conversation I'm in on Amplify. (Have you found Amplify yet? You belong in that community!!)

    I particularly like the vid you found from Yugma because it makes a clear distinction between intermittent and persistent collaboration.

    While I've found Yugma to be a very useful tool for what the Yugma team likes to call "fluid collaboration," all the other apps you've highlighted in this post (as well as others) provide simple, useful, browser-based platforms for the same processes. The trick is understanding how to work with others fluidly and collaboratively.

    The issue isn't really which TOOLS we choose, though, it's the challenge of translating our expertise into everyday work processes of "fluid collaboration" with others.

    It's my experience that what's standing in our way as trainers, coaches, and consultants using these tools isn't the tool skills. It's the fact that those of us who are over 30 weren't trained to think about either work or learning as continuous processes of creating and nourishing a sense of shared meaning – and purpose – with others.

    More here –

  • Just posted my extended thoughts on my own blog, Christopher. Would love to hear your feedback:

  • Hi Meri,

    Thank you for your constructive comment!

    You are more than welcome to link this post on your blog. I will very much appreciate if you mention this blog as a resource.

    Can you give me some more info concerning Amplify?

    I will write you constructive feedback as soon as possible.

    Have a wonderful day,

  • Come to and you'll see my personal page there, Christopher.

    Amplify is a community of bloggers and it's also a great platform for conversation around online content – including your own content. It makes it very simple to distribute your content to lots of social media and draw people from various audiences into one place to have conversation.

    If you scroll through my place there you may see a little about what I'm saying. And, if you'd like to have a quick Skype about this, I'd be happy to. Besides taking up "personal" residence there (in a very smart and active community) you can start Amplify groups. Another very interesting way to engage people simply around content. I like the results I'm able to create a Amplify a LOT better than Ning, for instance.

  • For instance, my repost of your blog here yesterday generated 53 views of your blog in a matter of a few hours on Amplify and it was rerecommended by my followers there several times already. I don't know how many views I sent you through my personal blog at, but I doubt I generated that much traffic yet. Amplify is a fabulous way to engage with smart people who care about what you care about in more than 140 characters.

  • Hi Meri,

    Thank you very much for the info. I very much appreciate it!

    Keep the good work.

    Christopher Pappas

  • Hi

    Be sure to check a new webinar tool that uses latest html5 features and can also be integrated in any website for customer relationship.

    Free for personal use !

  • Hi Juju,

    thank you for your comment. I will check it asap and if it free or open source I will added to the list!

    Have a wonderful day,
    Christopher Pappas a.k.a. @cpappas

  • Hi Christoforos,

    Another useful collection here. I am wondering which ones people have used most and which ones they find work best. I have used before and Elluminate (but this is not open source…)


  • Hi Chrissi,

    The open source version of dimdim was nice but right now you can find much better open source tools. Elluminate is a really nice tool but not open source. Big Blue Button is my favorite at the moment!

    Have a wonderful day,
    Christopher Pappas aka @cpappas

  • Hi Christoforos,

    Thanks for your reply. Trying again to respond via firefox browser – seem to have difficulties with internet explorer… not sure why. Anyway.

    I was wondering if you have Big Blue Button installed and could trial it with me when/if you have a moment. I will understand if that is not possible. Thank you very much.

    Καλή και Δημιουργική Χρονιά ;o)


  • Hi Chrissi,

    I have used BBB and it is awesome! If you want we can talk via skype. I will sent you a message via LinkedIn.

    Have a wonderful day,
    Christopher Pappas aka @cpappas

  • Hi Christofors,
    BBB is awesome but unfortunately, I have faced lots of problems in its installation on my server that`s why could`t make it.

    Please suggest if you have any possible guides for installation.


  • Hi Mohammad,

    thank you for your comment. Unfortunately I do not have any guides for installation. If you use eFront (open source LMS) there is a plugin for BBB. Check the following site

    Have a wonderful day,
    Christopher Pappas

  • Hi everybody,

    do you know WiZiQ ( ) and Prezi ( ). They aren't open source, but they have free version.

    Gyorgy Seres

  • Hi drseres,

    thank you for your comment! I will check them out and I will add them in the post.

    Have a wonderful day,
    Christopher Pappas

  • Hi, i am new to Efront,I would like to know the number of concurrent users is possible for Free version?

  • Hi SathishRoR,

    thank you for your question! There is no limitation! You can have as many users as you want! eFront Power! (

  • dimdim is no longer accepting new accounts as it was recently acquired by sales force, and current accounts will become inactive March 15th.

  • I would like to recommend that you include group audio conference applications such as: or would be useful to include on this page of resources.

    We have been using a combo of and skype but for larger groups TeamSpeak and Mikogo is a really good combo.



  • It's a good idea to have a web conferencing tool in your e-learning website. This defines synchronous learning.

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  • hi chris,
    im looking for an open source web conferencing tool which can have atleast 20 user simultaneous interaction and can be integrated with moodle. can you suggest any?

  • Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the great posts above. I have two quick questions.

    1. Can you recommend any tutorials for new developers who want to learn how to install such back end web conferencing open source tools?

    2. Where can I find developers who will on the type of project that I listed above (integrate front and back ends of a website, and install one of these open source web conferencing tools)?

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  • Hi Terence,

    Thank you for your comment!
    Plz give me some time and I will come with answers!

    Have a wonderful day,
    Christopher Pappas

  • I would add to this list as it's free (with ads) and has some of the best features (e.g. up to 6 video streamed presenters).

  • Thank you very much for the info about web meeting software. I very much appreciate it!

    Keep the good work.

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  • Hi Christopher, thanks for this post. I was searching for the list of web-conferencing tools for a long time. I tumbled upon this article and this sounds just exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a ton!

  • I had heard of a couple of these web conferencing sites but not the rest, so I’ll definately try them and see if one stands out above the rest. Thank you for the information

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    In addition to above mentioned hosted solutions, you may want to consider a RHUB web conference server

  • Laurence H Chandler

    Drum ( provides a web meeting solution perfect for the e-learning environment. You can have up to 255 people into any seminar or work project (although we don’t expect your projects have that many members!). You upload documents straight into the meeting and collaborate in real time with web audio and video. The beta version is completely free to use as well!

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    Do you have any advice on this idea?

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