How IEP trains masses of concurrent learners

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  • LocationAustin, Texas
  • IndustryTechnology
  • Use caseCustomer training, Employee training, External training
  • Size of company1-50
  • IndustryComputer Games

IEP provides continuing education and workforce development to the 100 billion dollar video game industry. We have an advisory board of more than 30 top executives from a range of companies who have worked to develop certifications and learning programs to meet the specific needs of the industry. IEP is based in Austin, TX, and supports companies around the world in their talent transformation needs.

The training challenge

IEP is the leading provider of continuing education and talent development for the video game industry. In order to deploy scalable training to their sector, they needed an LMS that could support the unique needs of their clients.

IEP makes heavy use of expert-driven video-based learning and required an LMS that could be customized to support high numbers of concurrent users and third-party content partners from across the globe. People working in the video game industry are very tech savvy. They are used to high-end user experiences that are tightly polished and detailed reporting systems.

The majority of Learning Management Systems are cloud-based and often focused on legacy education formats such as Tin Can or SCORM. They aren’t designed for a highly interactive system like the ones we were designing, and many of their metrics are more suited to university education as opposed to the needs of corporate training. As a result, it was difficult to find an off-the-shelf LMS which suited our requirements.

eFront’s professional services team were able to provide extensive cosmetic and functional changes to make a tight integration with our supporting website.

Why you chose eFront

eFront gave us a number of advantages that made it a clear choice. Most importantly, we had access to the source code. This allowed us to implement it in our own infrastructure and be sure of its uptime and resilience. It also meant we could customize it as needed. eFront’s professional services team were able to provide extensive cosmetic and functional changes to make a tight integration with our supporting website and user management infrastructures to deliver the experience our clients demand. Their licensing models were also competitive for a long-term investment in an LMS, and even though we were building a B2B implementation, the strong academic architecture inherent in the software assists us with our accreditation requirements and depth of offerings. Overall, we have been very pleased with the eFront solution we have been able to implement.

The Results

Our programs have been in a pilot for almost two years as we have continued to iterate on the user experience and content offerings. We’ve been able to continue to improve the LMS user experience based on participant feedback and the flexibility afforded by eFront. We’ve also been able to implement internationalized content and tightly integrate with video hosting platforms and commerce solutions for our reference books and materials. We continue to feel we have made a smart choice in our selection of eFront as our LMS partner.

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