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Pioneers in award-winning inclusion and diversity solutions


Emberin works to enable businesses worldwide to achieve an inclusive and diverse culture. They work with busy HR professionals from all over the world, and together they create actionable solutions to meet any organisation’s people goals. Emberin was founded 12 years ago by Maureen Frank, Chief Disruption Officer at Emberin. She earned the title because of her disruptive and unconventional methods that have since become famous for achieving successful outcomes rather than just ticking a box.

The training challenge

We offer courses to help increase diversity, engagement, innovation, collaboration and productivity to companies like Uber, Telstra Australia, Sanofi, Kellogg's and many others. Eventually it got to the stage where we needed an LMS to manage and deliver our training.


All of the other LMS’s that we researched did not have this flexibility that we required and so we were pleasantly surprised that eFront would adapt and change for us.

Why you chose eFront

We selected eFront because it provided us the advanced functionality that we needed in order to reach our clients effectively, but also the flexibility to support some very specific requirements. All of the other LMS’s that we researched did not have this flexibility that we required and so we were pleasantly surprised that eFront would adapt and change for us!

The Results

We were able to create a custom interface to reflect the look and feel we wanted. One of the main points that we wanted to focus on was to make the interface as intuitive as possible and show learners specific information at various points as they go through the training. This was done with a custom theme plugin.

An example of this custom layout is the learner homepage shown below. We removed various options that were included by default, and including some shortcuts (e.g. Support and Messages pages) we felt were important to our users, as well as hints (for first time and returning users).

Emberin learner homepage

Another example is the course view pages. Although the default eFront course view pages are very intuitive, we wanted to bring it in line with the look and feel of our portal as a whole and match the training setup we have adopted. We included a navigation bar to the left of the content being displayed, so users know where they are in the course, and also have access to some custom features implemented for our learners (the collaboration hub and journal).

Emberin course view page

In addition to the custom theme plugin, a plugin was also developed to cover various specific reporting needs, allowing us to include specific information in the layout and format we wanted. These custom plugins were designed specifically for us, providing us with the flexibility we were looking for in our search for an LMS.

The results went above and beyond what we expected. With over 32,000 successful graduates and many happy customers, the delivery of training to our corporate customers has received great feedback so far and we are excited of the prospects eFront has provided for us to build on going forward and attract new corporate prospects.

Robert Matovu
IT Manager