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Tech Care for All, or TC4A, is a company founded and led by senior pioneers, from both the private and nonprofit sectors, with a unique experience in healthcare, technology, and consulting. TC4A’s goal is to provide digital health solutions (by scanning the entire world for new and promising technologies) to improve health conditions in Africa and Asia. We are wholly focused on improving the local health ecosystems in low- and middle-income countries, where we empower local entrepreneurs, NGOs, the government, and private companies with solutions, funding, coaching, and mentoring.

First, TC4A screens countries to investigate the major health challenges they face. By leveraging innovation, technology, and digital health solutions, we allow health systems to better diagnose and treat diseases that are critical threats to public health.

A key component in this is delivering high-quality, timely training which can quite literally save lives.

The training challenge

One of TC4A’s projects is our Medical Learning Hub, whose objective is quite simple: to educate and upskill medical practitioners, so they can be up-to-date when diagnosing and treating serious health threats.

If you look at the numbers, the demand for training is tremendous. In many African countries, for example, there’s only one doctor per 5000 individuals, when in Europe there is approximately one doctor per 50.

TC4A had to find a successful method to help doctors and other medical practitioners in our geographies improve their medical knowledge and skills, equipping them with the tools to better identify health risks and deliver optimal prevention or treatment. And, since healthcare providers are in different locations and continents, we had to create a global healthcare community that would operate fully online.

As we were looking for a way to make training more available to our doctors, the idea of harnessing an eLearning solution was conceived.

Why you chose eFront

One of the features that quickly stood out was how friendly the design was to the user. From the moment you log in, regardless of whether you are an instructor or a learner, you know exactly what to do, due to the clean interface and the friendly UX design.

The nations where we operate typically struggle with frail internet connections and technology infrastructure. We noticed that just by using a 3G connection everyone was able to connect to the eFront portal quickly—and to stay connected. We were able to perform challenging tasks—such as streaming videos, which are integral parts of our training material.

But videos are only one component of the solution. eFront enables us to work with all types of content that we incorporate into our training; from videos, PDFs and PowerPoint presentations to tests and assessments to measure the skills of medical experts after they have completed training. We issue surveys, so we can learn more about the learners’ experience throughout the process. What makes eFront even more helpful is how all of these are shared in an instant, all across the globe, to a network of global lifesavers.

To sum it up, eFront, for us, is a complete, easy, and friendly technology that our network can use for many purposes. Medical practitioners become better diagnosticians – and in an emergency, true lifesavers.

The Results

When we started using eFront, we were the ones dazzled by all its different tools and features. But as time went on, we realized that the medical staff, too, cherished the product.

Now, our medical learning platform, Medical Learning Hub, is brimming with diverse content that is accessible to doctors and healthcare practitioners everywhere throughout the countries we operate in. What is more, medical experts from all over the world can provide our learners with additional training material just by uploading their own content on the platform. This alone ensures that our medical experts will expand their skill set inside eFront, a user-friendly environment they’re already familiar with.

Leveraging this eLearning technology provided by eFront has been an effective way for us to improve the expertise of the medical staff we work with. With an incredible, trustworthy LMS like this, we can even reach healthcare providers working in distant, inaccessible locations in developing countries who may have a poor network connection but still need our assistance.

Marc Delavarenne

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