How Fujitsu scaled training to a global workforce

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  • LocationAUS – NZ
  • IndustryInformation Services
  • Use caseCompliance training, Employee training
  • Size of company10000+
  • Number of happy learners1400

Fujitsu is the leading provider of IT products and services for the global marketplace including hardware, software, networking, business solutions and more.

Project overview

We had a large audience for training (2500 users), located throughout two countries and working a variety of 24×7 shift patterns, which needed to be covered quickly and consistently. Online training was the natural choice.

The training challenge

Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand has a program of Quality Management that emphasizes continual improvement, teamwork and achievement of customer satisfaction, and utilizes externally certified management systems to guide its efforts with regards to key aspects of our operation. We needed to provide training to over 2500 team members on their roles and responsibilities relating to these management systems. In addition, because we would need to maintain records of the training taken for our certified management systems audits, we needed a solution that had a robust reporting mechanism, which preferably would be accessible to multiple levels in the organization to allow managers to keep track of the progress of their own staff. Due to the high volume of users, we wanted a solution that would automate as many tasks as possible.

The platform itself has proven to be very stable and low-maintenance from a technical point of view. Onboarding new users to the platform is very easy since it is so self intuitive.

Why you chose eFront?

  • Purchase includes the source code, so we had the ability to customize the tool as desired
  • Ability to have content editors (SMEs) that are not the same as system admins, thus dispersing workload and enabling rapid development of a variety of content; without paying for additional products or licensing
  • Can authenticate via the AD for security
  • Ability to automate communications and notifications to users through the tool
  • Reporting by group, user and course is possible; and multiple access levels meant managers can run their own reporting
  • Built‐in feedback options
  • Ability to control users’ progress through course
  • Simple and intuitive interface, so users could quickly and easily get started
  • Comprehensive testing and assessment options, which had a high degree of automation. The licensing structure meant that the eFront solution was also extremely cost‐competitive compared against others in its class, and also gave us peace of mind that we would have access to future upgrades and support when we had a problem

The Results

Fujitsu employees have completed over 10,000 courses in the past 12 months using the eFront platform. The platform itself has proved to be very stable and low‐maintenance from a technical point of view; and as it is so easy and intuitive to use, we also do not have to spend time educating users on how to go about using the tool. We have now expanded the scope of the learning content delivered via this platform to include training on other enterprise tools, corporate policies and values as well as business and customer familiarization content. After 12 months the implementation was so successful that we broadened the scope from 2500 employees to include the rest of the business (5000 employees). The eFront platform has become a standard part of the way we do business in Fujitsu Australia & New Zealand as is a preferred choice for delivering training on many subjects.


We were able to successfully deliver training across a broad‐base of users to comply with certified management systems and drive continual improvement in the business. Due to the flexible nature of online training delivery, our team members can access the training at any time and still have a consistent training experience. The training we deliver ensures that Fujitsu’s customers consistently receive a quality assured service.

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