Lenzing – Delivering training to 4000 learners worldwide

Manufacturer & innovator of cellulose fibers

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  • LocationLenzing, Austria
  • IndustryManufacturer
  • Use caseCompliance training, Customer training, External training
  • Size of company5,001-10,000
  • IndustryManufacturing

Lenzing AG is a global market leader in the production of man-made cellulose fibers with headquarters in Austria, production sites in all major markets as well as a worldwide network of sales and marketing offices. Lenzing is the leading supplier in many business-to-business markets and supplies the global textile and nonwoven industry. The portfolio ranges from dissolving pulp, standard and specialty cellulose fibers to high quality plastic polymer products and engineering services.

The training challenge

The challenge was to train over 4000 employees worldwide in a short time frame. To train them in a formal learning course would not have been feasible. It would have been a logistical nightmare and would have required enormous resources. Moreover, we had to:

  • Have an overview of which content was out of date and had to be reviewed.
  • Control the launch of the content and who passed courses.

We are really pleased. The fast and straightforward support concerning modifications and enhancements is very important for Lenzing AG.

Why you chose eFront?

eFront is a powerful and complete Learning Management System. The complete organizational structure of Lenzing AG, including the departments and cost units, are displayed in eFront. This whole database is updated daily through an import interface. For Lenzing AG, the fast provision of work instructions and training, as well as the capability to receive daily reports on the employee’s level of knowledge, was the reason we chose eFront.

The Results

The implementation was definitely a success. Today, we train and instruct more than 3000 employees worldwide on more than 70 online training courses on security aspects and production issues. The broadening of the range of training is planned for HR subjects as well as the continuous enhancement of the system. Lenzing AG benefits from:

  • The enormous saving of time, costs, and resources
  • Up-to-date and standardized training and reports on it
  • A sustainable and scalable form of training
  • The central management of all processes


The organizational structure has to be indicated in the base system, and the processes and workflows should be clearly defined in advance. Therefore, people such as decision-makers, stakeholders, and employees need to be involved at the outset. Budgeting time and resources ought to be planned, and the technical infrastructure has to be set in order to experience an interference-free operation. eFront allows us to implement a wide range of business processes and workflows directly in the systems, so in order to take advantage of all its capabilities, we recommend conducting a strategy workshop with all involved stakeholders to define the general requirements and basic parameters in advance.

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