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In the modern information economy, where talent is one of the most precious resources and the landscape for recruiting and retaining talented employees gets ever more competitive, a combined corporate training strategy, along with an appropriate HR focus, is the not-so-secret weapon of many a successful enterprise.

With eFront you can have the best of both worlds — a capable eLearning system combined with strong Talent Development features, a combination that allows you to shape and develop your workforce in the ways needed to move your company forward and help it achieve its goals.

Revamped and advanced in many major ways compared to its end-of-lined precursor (eFront), and in addition to its fair number of powerful and easy-to-use content creation, course, and lesson management features, eFront also has the functionality and workflows needed for training, engaging and developing your talent.

In this post, we’d like to tell you more about the ways eFront goes beyond eLearning, to being a perfectly capable Talent Development and Learning platform for the enterprise, that can cover anything from employee on-boarding and skills training to talent development and knowledge retention.

A Learning and Talent Development platform will help you:

• welcome new employees into your company (through online onboarding programs)
• accelerate employee learning & development
• ensure compliance training
• deliver critical safety training
• evaluate employee skills and performance
• implement continuous employee learning strategies
• discover star employees (e.g. for promotions and career advancement)
• train your talent to changing business needs
• prepare employees to take over a senior post (succession planning)

and many other things besides these (e.g. collect and assess employee feedback).

In fact, we could write several posts for each of these, regarding their importance to modern HR practices, best practices for their implementation, etc., and in fact that’s exactly what we’ll be doing over the followings weeks and months in this blog.

So, how does eFront fare for talent development?

Pretty well, actually.

eFront was designed from the start to offer enough flexibility in talent development areas, from its excellent integration features to automated employee surveys and advanced organizational options.

Here are some eFront’s features that make it a perfect fit for your talent development and learning needs:

Continuous Talent Development and Performance Support

Experience and research have shown that real talent development happens through micro-learning programs and continual testing — the fastest and most non-intrusive way to increase employee knowledge and performance.

eFront’s talent development features make continuous training easy and practical, allowing your employees to learn as they commute or just whenever they have a few minutes of downtime — all they need is their smartphone.

Automated competency and skills management (with skills gap analysis)

eFront’s sophisticated skills management features make managing employee accreditation, certification, skill sets and competencies simple and automatic.

And, if you don’t know who has which skills to begin with, you can use the Skills Gap Analysis to ensure you identify and associate the right skills to the right role, and then continue to benchmark and develop them until you have the right models for your organization.

Individualized Analysis and Reporting

Talent development is all about understanding the individuals in your organization and empowering them to become better.

eFront’s analysis and reporting features help you to monitor employee progress, identify and highlight potential issues and distribute your insights through easily understandable presentations.

Gamification for better talent engagement

eFront’s Gamification Engine introduces the competitive spirit and some playfulness into the talent development process to increase employee engagement and training performance.

Use badges, rewards, and the leaderboard to signal accomplishment and success. Use levels to test your employees’ endurance and measure their progress. Make their development fun and let gamification drive their retention and performance up without them even feeling like it’s work.

Blended Learning

eFront supports eLearning courses, classroom training, and online videoconferences and webinars as part of a single unified curriculum.

Combine online and offline (or real-time) talent development and get the best of both worlds.

Easily manage your online and offline training and development plans (and the physical locations and scheduling for the latter) through the same simple interface, and set optional course prerequisites and paths to ensure that your employees complete their modules in the right order.

Better user experiences with Extended Enterprise

eFront allows you to easily integrate with your HR system & customize all the extra functionality you need to ensure the best user experience for your corporate learners.

And loads more to come…

With the 4.4 update coming soon, and bringing with it several major new Learning and Talent Development features and workflow enhancements, you can rest assured that eFront will only get stronger in both areas, while retaining its familiar ease of use and flexibility, which you know and love.


Whereas most enterprise Talent Development products offer weak Learning feature sets, eFront, as a combined Learning and Talent Development platform, offers you the best of both the (closely related) employee training and talent development worlds.

In eFront, Learning features live side by side with Talent Development, creating a unique synergy that enables your business to not only train, position, certify, engage, and in general develop and retain its talent, but make it thrive.

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