3 Ways to Create Videos for your Courses

Videos are perhaps the most sought after multimedia format in the eLearning world. Without videos, we feel we are missing real action! They’re a great way to demonstrate the need for the course and the practical emphasis of the course in the learners’ lives.

Again, the best video recording and editing equipment does not guarantee quality videos. Let’s find out how you can create better videos.

Videos are one of the best ways to convey knowledge and information in the online world. They are a great tool for advertisement and knowledge dissemination. Videos continue to be the centerpiece of an eLearning program. Learners still enjoy watching videos to learn, more so than any other form of multimedia.

The biggest challenge eLearning program designers face is acquiring new, copyright free videos for their courses. We often borrow videos from others and include them in our courses. With a little imagination, you can create your own videos for your courses.

The question in the modern eLearning world is: Why are videos still this popular? Viewers have even become producers. Reality TV and YouTube videos are the proof of this immense affinity towards the media.

In the eLearning environment, where distance and time create more space between the learners and the mentors, videos provide a strong pathway to reach out and communicate on a more personal level. They enable learners to trust the learning environment. A human voice and face with emotions and empathy goes a long way in creating an environment akin to the traditional one. The familiar way of talking and explaining is a motivating act in itself.

Videos are excellent teaching tools. They recreate the traditional set up and enable learners to stay engaged for longer periods. They allow users to rewind and replay the lecture in case a point is missed. In the training environment, it’s essential to revisit areas of training that are to be implemented in a work setting.

Another wonderful feature of videos is that they have become relatively easier to produce and publish than back in the day. With the availability of many video production software suites and devices, videos do not require much fuss and preparation any more.

You Have all the Tools

Why hire a professional production house when you have a camera and a microphone right on your computer, even your smartphone? Indeed, current systems are equipped with superior quality multimedia recording hardware and software programs. Several freeware programs are available for video recording, such as HyperCam.

Record your own video and talk about why the training is important. You will convince the eLearner more with your video than with just an audio clip or an interactive eLearning program. Talk to the CEO or other senior members of your company and ask them to share their story. This could be a personal experience that encourages learners to register and complete the course.

Also, encourage staff to share their experiences related to the training. How did it help them perform better?

A short video from successful trainees is a powerful way to motivate your learners. Keep your videos short, not more than five minutes. Have a series of short videos rather than a long one.

Movie Clips

The next time you watch a movie and really like a scene for its lesson-related value, record it. Use the movie clip in your eLearning programs to capture your learners’ attention. Movie clips will also convey your message in a short and sweet manner, replacing lines of text and scripts of narration. Also, movie clips have made their way in the traditional classroom environment. They can definitely be added in the eLearning class.

Make sure that your selected clip is relevant and precise. Always cite your external multimedia sources in the reference section of your course and directly under the clip.

Create Your Own Cartoons

Ever thought of creating your own cartoons? Nowadays anyone can create their own cartoons. Programs like Powtoon and GoAnimate enable you to create your own cartoon videos.

These programs are SaaS (software as a service) that are available in an online mode only. They have a bundle of templates and characters to choose from. Simply create a shorty story and create a cartoon out of it. It is a great way to kick-start your eLearning program. Free and trial accounts are available for basic cartoon creation.

You don’t have to hire a production house to create your videos. With a plethora of educational and entertainment technology options available to consumers, you can quickly create quality videos yourself.

With some practice, you should be able to produce quality videos, easily. And don’t forget to tell us about your own video creating experiences.

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