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Partner stories: an interview with CLICK&LEARN, our Austrian partner

It feels good to have good partners, and certainly CLICK&LEARN is one of them. A company which was founded in 1998 and based in Linz, Austria, CLICK&LEARN is known within the EU for its innovative methods in implementing knowledge-based training programs and learning solutions with state-of-the-art technology. Recently eFront interviewed Roland Kaimberger, CLICK&LEARN’s General Manager, on how partnering with eFront has helped the organization with its business objectives.

eFront: Please tell us a little about your organization

Roland Kaimberger: CLICK&LEARN specializes in designing and developing web-based training and eLearning solutions for staff development and knowledge sharing. Our web-based training and eLearning solutions are customized according to the needs of: international staff training, distributed groups of learners and/or experts, multilingual and/or multimedia based learning content, web based content sharing or knowledge exchange, blended training programs and distance education. Our clients include SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) as well as large and public organizations.

eFront: How did eFront address CLICK&LEARN’S business objectives?

Roland Kaimberger:  We were looking for a lean LMS with long term potential and we found that in eFront. Previously we used different LMS’ depending on our customer’s requirements. Now, with eFront, we can offer our customers one LMS which is customized according to  their needs, is very usable and includes premium functionality like talent management.

“We chose the award-winning eFront LMS as the most optimal solution for our customers”

eFront: What were the most common project challenges when implementing eFront for customers and how were they overcome?

Roland Kaimberger:  eFront helped solve the most common project challenges for us for example, by simplifying multiple course mapping, offering flexible course scenarios and multi-tenancy capability. But most importantly, eFront offered enterprise features (such as branch management, skills management, jobs management, etc.) making it an affordable, high value and robust enterprise solution for our clients.

eFront: So why did CLICK&LEARN choose eFront over other LMS’ in the market?

Roland Kaimberger:  Primarily what was important to our organization was meeting our client’s needs for a reasonably priced solution that was suitable for medium enterprises. eFront offered everything we needed together with enterprise functionality and a lot of customization options – meaning that our client’s get everything they require in the one LMS. Also, eFront is SCORM certified, and is well known for its extensible architecture and wide range of modules that extends its functionality. Lastly I would have to mention its excellent usability – it is a very intuitive software.

We are also continually impressed with eFront’s fast and ongoing support. So kudos to the eFront team (editor’s note: for more on eFront’s support check this post)

eFront: So if you don’t mind us asking, which clients of yours are now using eFront?

Roland Kaimberger:  We have a number of high-profile organizations now using eFront’s LMS, the most prominent being EDUCATION GROUP, ENGEL Austria, Lenzing AG, MIBA, voestalpine, LENZING (LEADER FIBER INNOVATION), C+C Pfeiffer, Tips, Smurfit Kappa, Nettingsdorfer, Wirtschaftsverlag and u.v.m.

“The company ENGEL uses eFront as e-learning and knowledge platform since 2010 and the staff encouragement is consistently positive. Thus, at present there are globally more than 2200 people involved in the e-learning platform and part of the worldwide ENGEL competence management. The eFront application and the prompt product support allow us to efficiently implement our demands in training and knowledge management of the company ENGEL.”  ~ Dr. Wolfgang Maresch, MBA (ENGEL Austria GmbH) – Director of Training Services

eFront: What has been achieved through your involvement with eFront?

Roland Kaimberger:  We are very proud of the two gold medals we were awarded at LearnTec 2012, a leading international trade fair for learning technologies. One of those awards was the “provider of the year 2012” in the category ‘Learning Management System’ representing eFront, and the other was in the category ‘Customized Content Creation’.

eFront: That’s great! Thank you so much for your time!

For more on the LearnTec awards check this post. If you are interested in joining eFront’s partner/reseller network please visit  or contact us directly!


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