eFront for telecommunications:

Adapt to an ever-evolving industry

Embrace change, keep employees on board, and scale training across the globe.

eFront LMS for online employee and customer training.

Respond to industry changes

Take new tech and new industry regulations in your stride with an agile telecom training platform. Online courses can be created or updated in a few clicks and pinged to your learners in an instant, so training never lags behind the curve.

Keep training up to date with:

Time-saving automations

Rich communication tools

Automatic notifications

Files repository

Train and retain top talent

Build loyalty by investing in your people’s careers from the get-go. Start new hires from the same baseline with consistent onboarding. And, as your people progress, identify weaknesses with skill gap testing, assign learning accordingly, and transform deficiencies into proficiencies.

Build a better workforce with:

Unique learning paths

Multiple assessment types

Engaging gamification

Course completion surveys

Customize your portal

An industry in a constant state of flux needs an adaptable telecom training platform that can keep pace. Access eFront’s source code to add extra functionality and integrate your tech stack for easy communication between your tools so your platform never stagnates.

Innovate telecom training with:

Blended learning

White labeling

Plugin builder

Website builder

Trusted by world-leading companies

  • The platform itself has proven to be very stable and low-maintenance from a technical point of view. Onboarding new users to the platform is very easy since it is so self intuitive.


    Blaise Porter | Manager Service Excellence
  • All of the other LMSs that we researched did not have this flexibility that we required and so we were pleasantly surprised that eFront would adapt and change for us.


    Robert Matovu | IT Manager
  • eFront’s professional services team were able to provide extensive cosmetic and functional changes to make a tight integration with our supporting website.


    Gregory Short | President

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