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Keep tech and sales teams looking to the future


Telecommunications is one of the most rapidly-changing sectors of the global economy. But with significant advances come significant challenges. With eFront delivering your telecom training, you’ll keep sales and tech departments ready for whatever comes next.

Key challenges for the telecom sector

BigTech competition

As over-the-top services and BigTech’s private infrastructures grab market share, traditional telcos need to adapt and enter the value chain.

Customer turnover

In a highly competitive market, sales, tech and customer support must cooperate to provide a smooth consumer experience and boost customer retention.

Emerging hi-tech products

With rapidly advancing smartphone technology, the rise of wearables and upcoming 5G networks and the IoT, the telecom industry’s workforce will be challenged to rise to the occasion.

Mergers & Acquisitions

The demand for repositioning is pushing telcos to merge with or acquire other service providers, transforming their products and in turn their employee training needs.

The benefits of using an LMS for telecom training

An LMS enables the delivery of cost-effective, dynamic, and multi-faceted employee training. E.g., call center agent training, telecoms engineer training, and sales rep training. It can also deliver all those in the form of micro-learning making it the perfect tool for a transforming industry’s leap to the future.

More scale, lower cost

Compared to offline learning, a multi-tenant LMS reduces operating costs by integrating thousands of trainees from multiple locations into a single platform.

Continuous training

Multi-purpose ongoing training keeps everybody synced to new products, advanced technologies, consumer demands and complex regulations.

Technician onboarding

An LMS with the capability of delivering skill gap tests is ideal for onboarding tech personnel. You can evaluate new hire’s skills and place them in the right training course.

Efficient call-centers

An LMS enables centralized online training for dispersed call-center staff based on customer support scenarios and standardized eLearning content.

Updated sales team

Large remote sales teams get on board with new and diverse products or services via a cost-effective and time-saving online training process.

Measurable results

Training a diverse workforce in complex topics is made quick and efficient by working with regular skill assessments and extensive performance reports .

Benefits checklist

  • More scale, lower cost
  • Measurable results
  • Efficient call-centers
  • Updated sales team
  • Skills assessment
  • Technician onboarding
  • Continuous training
  • Increased customer retention

Why use eFront for training in the telecom industry

Scalable to any company size, featuring multi-tenancy and extensive organization options, eFront can support any telecom training scenario that fits the industry's diverse and dispersed workforce.

Flexible organizational structure

Adaptable to any type of enterprise, eFront is ideal for telcos looking to build a training portal that follows their corporate structure and expands accordingly.

Collaboration ready

eFront facilitates effortless communication among tech, sales, and call-center trainees and instructors to enable collaboration and boost productivity.

Remote training

Geographically dispersed personnel can train efficiently anytime anywhere on eFront's mobile-optimized, offline compatible eLearning platform.

Skill gap tests

For the industry's diverse workforce, eFront's advanced skill-gap testing features enable efficient skills assessment and constant development.

User segmentation

eFront lets telecommunication companies manage learners in a variety of ways and then customize training according to specific needs.

Flexible deployment

Deployed either on-premise to make the most of robust telco infrastructure or as a fully managed private-cloud solution for added accessibility and cost-efficiency.

Custom reports

eFront's advanced reporting system is perfect for tracking employee performance to support their development and keep them on par with telecommunication standards.

Supports blended learning

To fully engage employees or an extended network with their training, eFront supports webinars, instructor-led courses, hands-on tech training or collaborative workshops.