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Engage employees, boost sales and capture customers’ attention


Customers aren’t always right, but they’re still king. Today, the retail industry faces relentless competition, disengaged employees, rising customer demands and decreasing margins. Reclaim your competitive edge with eFront to engage your talent and wow your customers once and for all.

Key challenges for the education sector

Fierce competition

As giant retailers take over market share, and profit margins increasingly drop, retailers are battling to attract customers and drive sales.

Digital integration

Retail stores no longer exist in a single location, but have to be everywhere. Optimizing a seamless omni-channel customer experience is vital for retaining a competitive edge.

The rise of customer experience

In an oversaturated market, customers are no longer making purchasing decisions based on product or price alone. Retailers need to shift from a product-centric approach to a customer-centric approach.

High employee turnover

Employee engagement in the retail industry is at crisis-levels low translating into high turnover rates, high costs to replace employees and a depressed bottom line.

The benefits of using an LMS for retail training

Move your retail training courses from binders to an online learning management service. Not only is course delivery easy and efficient, but it’s a cost-effective and flexible solution. You can train managers, sales associates, buyers, franchisees and customers wherever they are.

Ease of administration

Online training reduces the administrative burden that gathers as you train a diverse workforce. An LMS can automate and simplify repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

Cost-effective training

Using a multi-tenant LMS offers cost-effective training because thousands of trainees from multiple locations are trained using a single online platform.

Encourage employee engagement

Boost employee engagement with an online retail training program that employees can use throughout the employee lifecycle. Career development like this attracts and retains top talent.

Effective onboarding

Get your seasonal and new hires up-to-speed faster with strong onboarding as part of your online retail training. Not only does engagement increase but hires get the right tools and knowledge to jump straight into work.

Supports remote training

From retail store manager training, sales associate training to customer service training, a powerful LMS is able to deliver targeted training to your people wherever they are, and whatever role they have in your organization.

Boost customer satisfaction

Online customer training can serve as an alternative to customer support and provide a seamless and superior customer experience.

Benefits checklist

  • Ease of administration
  • Cost-effective training
  • Scalable
  • Ease of accessibility
  • Improves customer service
  • Effective course delivery
  • Speeds up onboarding
  • Optimizes employee performance tracking
  • Improves employee engagement
  • Boosts customer satisfaction and loyalty

Why use eFront for training in the retail industry

eFront makes it easier to deliver online retail training to retailers of any size or structure. It bends to fit your needs and has extensive organization and customization options. And with advanced security features, you can rely on eFront to offer your employees and customers a safe and uninterrupted experience.

Flexible organizational structure

eFront’s flexible organizational structure makes it an ideal solution for retailers looking to build isolated training portals to deliver multiple training programs to multiple training audiences.

Dynamic performance tracking

Tracking employee performance makes it easier for managers to identify employee weaknesses and recommend the right training to close knowledge and skill gaps quickly. The platform keeps track of learners’ performance and generates advanced custom reports and audit logs.

Remote training

Drive consistency across your brand by using eFront's mobile-optimized, offline compatible eLearning app. Deliver retail sales training to employees and partners across the world ensuring consistent standards.

Supports blended learning

Elevate your retail customer service training with scenario-based training delivered in the method that suits your organization. eFront supports instructor-led training, whether classroom-based or via online conference.

Flexible deployment

Choose between a security first on-premise deployment or opt for a fully-managed private-cloud solution for added accessibility and cost-efficiency.


Activate points, levels, leaderboards, and other gamification elements to increase completion rates for your retail training courses. This ultimately boosts employee engagement and can decrease employee turnover.


With eFront you can offer employees and customers a more seamless experience by customizing the appearance of your training portal and by integrating your LMS with other systems.

Available in 22 languages

eFront supports 22 languages and is ready to deliver retail training to sales staff all around the globe.