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Reduce risk, keep track of performance and deliver exceptional service to citizens.


The government sector is notably slow to respond to a rapidly transforming world. But with increasing demands for efficiency, cost-effectiveness and security, government and public sector agencies need to adjust to the new tech environment. With eFront delivering your modern government training program, state personnel can learn to optimize procedures, adapt to digital systems and deliver superior services to citizens.

Key challenges for the public sector

Digital transformation

As they switch to digital governance, governments must maintain efficiency and security without compromising ease of administration and public trust.

Citizen demands

Accustomed to the private sector's premium digital services, citizens expect state institutions to match the modern consumer experience.

Sustained austerity

As fiscal challenges increase and budgets are cut, governments have to rely on existing personnel to stay efficient and move forward.


State services suffer the most cyber-attacks than any other industry, many of them linked to internal security failures and employee ineptitude.

The benefits of using an LMS for government training

An advanced multi-tenant LMS solution is secure and fully adaptable to the government sector’s requirements. A perfect match for public sector training where cost-efficiency, ease of accessibility, and compliance tracking are essential.

Faster adoption of new technology

State employees across diverse sectors train jointly in new technology-based processes for a fast but smooth transition to digital governance.

Updated workforce

An LMS enables continuous training for government employees with scheduled recertification on intricate state procedures and services.

Cost-effective solution

By moving training online, the public sector can reduce training costs by removing venue, travel, food and accommodation spending. Training costs decrease further as all training material is stored in a single database and courses can be delivered again and again --without spending any additional funds.

Enhanced data security

Effective online government cyber-security training promotes adherence to policy and prevents common user errors that lead to security breaches.

Efficient onboarding

An LMS helps new hires and political staff get up to speed with complex governmental processes quickly.

Ease of accessibility

An LMS can automate and simplify repetitive and time-consuming tasks, reducing the administrative burden that inevitably gathers as part of delivering government training.

Benefits checklist

  • Faster adoption of new technology
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Cross-department collaboration
  • Efficient onboarding
  • Updated workforce
  • Enhanced data security
  • Increased productivity
  • Adherence to policy

Why eFront is the best fit for government training programs

Secure by design and highly compatible with different legacy infrastructures, eFront offers an array of solutions for facilitating fast, multi-purpose and cost-effective training for government employees and rotating political staff.

Highly secure

eFront is equipped with extensive security features to keep confidential government data safe.

Available in 22 languages

eFront comes with support for 22 languages and a custom vocabulary option, ready to serve public sector training all around the globe.

Flexible organizational structure

Diverse state sectors and departments can set up independent tailor-made government training portals with eFront's smart multi-tenancy options.

Advanced technology

eFront is built on the latest accessibility and web standards and is compatible with most common browsers.

Custom certificates

State procedures and legislation have to be studied as they change and eFront's compliance training features can be used to enforce retraining and recertification.

Flexible deployment

Our highly secure on-premise deployment is matched only by our fully managed private-cloud option, a highly accessible and cost-effective solution.

Content friendly

eFront allows for multi-format content to be created, re-used and redistributed among different government organizations.

Collaboration ready

To facilitate government-wide collaboration among management, employees, and political staff, eFront offers a rich set of communication and teleconference tools.