Custom & Native LMS Plugins capabilities | eFront LMS

Add extra features & functions

With the power of plugins

Improve your workflow with our native plugins

eFront ships with numerous pre-installed plugins. Activate them to enrich your training program with tried and tested functionalities that include:


to store, manage and quickly navigate favorite or useful web content.


to promote collaboration and social learning by prompting learners to communicate with peers and instructors.


to enhance your training content with popovers that quickly fill your learners’ terminology gaps.


to display important messages or bulletins to learners and instructors.

Custom plugins to reinforce or rebuild

Create custom plugins and alter every aspect of your LMS without interfering with the core system or breaking the upgrade path. Add simple functionality like custom reports, UI widgets, data importers and exporters or carry out full-blown system revamps and integration projects. Take control of our API, and anything is possible on your platform.

Discover how plugins helped these customers


Pioneers in award-winning inclusion and diversity solutions

All of the other LMS’s that we researched did not have this flexibility that we required and so we were pleasantly surprised that eFront would adapt and change for us.

A global leader in Information & Financial services

We chose eFront because it fit all of our requirements and was the best LMS that we were able to find in the market, in terms of features and technology.

A Ticketing & CRM software solution

Our prepaid self-paced learning subscriptions alone had already covered the annual licensing costs of the LMS, with a profit margin of 60%.