6 Tips to Create Meaningful Online Training that Corporate Learners will Relate to

How to Create Meaningful Online Training that Resonates with Corporate Learners

Are you struggling to retain your corporate learners’ interest and create online training content that connects with them on a personal level? Look no further. In this article, I will be sharing 6 tips to ensure you create a meaningful online training course that resonates with your corporate learners.

How to Create Meaningful Online Training that Resonates with Corporate Learners

One of the main reasons why corporate learners drop out of online training courses is that they’re unable to relate to the training content. Or the way it’s being presented doesn’t align with their personal learning style. Even if they go on to complete a course they can’t relate to, long-term retention and recall are highly unlikely, which totally defeats the purpose of your online training.

So, how do you make sure your staff is benefiting from your course? Here are 6 tips for you to make a meaningful online training course that’s memorable for every member of your team.

1. Reach out to your target audience

Before you start making your content, you need to be certain of your audience’s learning needs. Get a good understanding of your audience, their expectations, and their level of understanding of the topic.

Based on this information, you can develop clear learning goals and objectives that outline what you want your corporate learners to take away from their training. This will not only help them determine whether the course is relevant, but it will also enhance their online training experience and improve satisfaction rates.

Since not all corporate learners are at the same level, some can directly move on to a more advanced module instead of being forced to explore redundant subject courses.

2. Start with a bang and maintain the momentum

Your online training should be gripping right from the start. It’s very easy for corporate learners to get distracted while going through your course. Too much theory and limited interaction can lead to loss of interest.

Make the most of online training tools like videos, infographics, games, quizzes, and tests. Include a mix of them to make it as engaging as possible for all learning preferences. A lot of online training modules start and end with a quiz, which helps corporate learners focus on areas that need improvement.

Using the right online training tools also improves the retention ability, as our brain retains visual content more rapidly and effectively.

3. Include real stories and experiences

To compensate for the missing human touch in online training, you should include real stories and experiences from Subject Matter Experts. A corporate learner is also interested to know how others used the knowledge in difficult situations to come up with solutions.

Real stories bring in an emotional angle to the online training experience and make the content more memorable and meaningful. You may also include real-life case studies for them to solve on their own, which requires them to apply their pre-existing knowledge and skills.

How to Create Meaningful Online Training that Resonates with Corporate Learners

4. Include practice modules and other learning aids

It’s said practice makes perfect. After each unit, you should include a number of practice modules for learners. Whether technical or behavioral, learning is best understood once it’s applied in a practical context. Which also helps corporate learners deepen their understanding of the topic and evaluate whether they need to seek out additional support.

As no two learners are the same, include some optional online training activities and resources for those who want to know more on the topic. Some corporate learners might be content with the information available at present, but they can always come back to the additional training tools to get more information when they need to.

5. Get feedback

Give your corporate learners a chance to be heard and interact with you. Incorporating a feedback mechanism is a great way to let your learners know that you care and want to help them achieve their goals. Hear them out, and make fast and necessary changes to your online training as and when required.

Surveys, focus groups, and even live events can help you gather honest opinions from your audience. Then you will be able to develop eLearning courses that stick with them for years to come and allow them to assign meaning to the subject matter.

6. Make it flexible

Your online training should be flexible in many ways. Changing and updating the content from time to time is a given. But with constant changes in technology, your online training should be flexible enough to be compatible with different platforms, too.

Most corporate learners are looking for online training courses that they can access on the go to build skills and expand their knowledge. Keep updating your online training as technology advances and your learners’ preferences change.

Bear in mind that flexibility isn’t limited to where your learners access content: there’s also the question of when. Give them a chance to set their own pace and schedules. For example, include course maps or catalogs they can complete whenever it’s most convenient, as long as it’s before a final certification exam.


These 6 tips can help you create more meaningful online training that benefits your corporate learners as well as your organization. They receive a more positive online training experience that meets their needs and leaves a lasting impression, while you reduce turnover and dropout rates and experience a boost in on-the-job productivity.

Give your corporate learners the utmost priority and understand what they really need to make the online training experience more personal.

Memorable and meaningful online training courses spark corporate learners’ interest and evoke emotion. Discovering more ways to foster emotional connectivity in online training can lead to happier, more engaged learners.

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