Top 10 Most Read eFront Posts in 2018

Our Top 10 Most Read Posts in 2018 - eFront

The end of the year has a tendency to inspire a sense of nostalgia. For others, the countdown to a new year inspires change. Before we get to how much 2019 is going to be better, we thought we’d take a look back.

Here, 10 of the most popular posts of 2018 based on how much you liked, read, and shared them.

1. 5 Winning Strategies to Increase Learner Engagement

We’re sure you’ve heard a lot about learner engagement. But just like we do with things we take for granted, trainers sometimes forget about it.

Creating engagement is not just a matter of establishing better communication. It also helps learners become better at what they should be doing: Learning. In this post, we’ve analyzed all the ways trainers can form a genuine connection with their learners.

2. 4 Global Training and Development Strategies That Work

Managing a global workforce is hard. But having to train people from different places and cultures at the same time is even harder.

Long story short, global training is far from easy.

This guide, however, will end your worries by identifying the most common challenged that come with training a global team.

But what else are you going to find in there? Lots of useful tips to help you develop into the best global workforce trainer. Plus, the importance of making eLearning your number one priority.

3. Employee Recognition in the Workplace: The Why and How

It’s a competitive career landscape out there. Employees need some recognition and extra credit from their peers. But how should you do it? Is there a right and a wrong way? The answer is yes.

For this post, you’re going to find yourself diving right into employee recognition. On top of that, you’ll also acknowledge the best ways to give credit to your employees without being over-the-top or withdrawn.

4. The 5 Real Reasons Why Good Employees Quit

Finding good staff for your company is one thing. Being able to keep them is quite another. Statistically, it’s usually the good employees that decide to leave. Have you ever wondered why, though? The reasons vary.

This blog post from February 2018 will show you the not-so-mysterious reasons why efficient employees choose to hit the road. What is more, by the end of it you’ll know how to prevent this from happening to you and your business.

You don’t want your precious talents to go to waste, do you?

5. The Mistakes You’re Making with Offering Feedback

“What can go wrong when offering feedback?” you could ask. A lot of things, to be honest.

Back in August 2018, this post explored six common mistakes many employers and managers make when they offer feedback to their employees. We examined feedback as a whole and didn’t categorize them in positive, negative, or neutral.

Surprisingly, most of the mistakes refer to the same aspect of feedback. Read this post to identify what you might be doing wrong, and how to correct it.

Our Top 10 Most Read Posts in 2018 - eFront

6. The 6 Steps to Successful Channel Partner Training

Your channel partners’ performance should be a priority. We’re not just talking about people you simply get to work with, but about your brand’s representatives. This is precisely why you need to train them well and carefully.

Click on this post to take a closer look at the importance of channel partner training, the best techniques you should follow, and how much of a difference it can make. (Hello, higher customer retention!)

7. How Soft Skills Training Can Make Your ROI Soar

When we’re talking about soft skills, we’re not just referring to a good-to-have skill set for employees. As a matter of fact, we’re talking about a set of the most hard-to-get, valuable abilities a professional can possess.

With this post, you’ll get to know more about what soft skills are, how teaching them to your employees can help your business grow, and why better communication, teamwork, or even leadership skills matter.

8. 7 Ways to Encourage Lifelong Learning in Your Business

Solon, an ancient Greek poet, once said: “Seek to learn constantly while you live.” Continuous learning has always been a major issue – and that hasn’t stopped being true nowadays.

Trends and industries change really fast and professionals need to invest in more abilities to create the perfect skill set. However, there are times when they simply can’t find the time or even the energy to do so. But what can an instructor do?

Get to know seven tips on how to encourage lifelong training in your business, and inspire your learners to become better, happier, and more efficient employees.

9. Why Learners Fail To Learn (and How You Can Help Them Succeed)

Learning isn’t easy. Sometimes it’s not that interesting, either. So, it comes as no surprise that the number of learners who fail to learn is significant. But what can you do about it?

First of all, you need to understand the learner’s psychology and how it affects their learning ability. Is it your material, the complex nature of your lesson, you as an instructor? Read this post for some valuable tips on identifying the issue and fixing it fast.

10. How to Successfully Implement Your Mentorship Program in the Workplace

Mentorship programs are effective for two main reasons. First, by making use of them, you can turn your employees into qualified professionals fast, because they get to experience the actual job. Second, mentorship forms a special bond between the company and the employees, because they get to learn real on-the-job skills by real people.

Here’s a list of six really simple ways to put your mentorship program into action in the workplace, and create engaged, happy, and skilled employees.

As always, we appreciate your feedback. Let us know in the comments about the topics you’d like to know more about. And we’ll make sure to deliver. Here’s to another great year of valuable articles to help you get the best out of your training!

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