Talent Recruitment Through Corporate eLearning: 7 Tips For HR Managers

Learning and Talent Development platforms help you develop the talent you already have. They also give you the power to find new employees to add to your team. In this article, we’ll share 7 ways in which corporate eLearning can help with new talent recruitment.

How To Facilitate New Talent Recruitment Through Corporate eLearning

You’re looking for the best and brightest to join your organization. So, how do you find the perfect person for the job and vet your top candidates?

You may already have the answer:

Your corporate eLearning program. Online training courses and Learning and Talent Development platforms offer you the opportunity to facilitate new talent recruitment and ensure that their skills and expertise meet your requirements. Here are 7 ways corporate eLearning can help your talent acquisition process.

1. Pre-Assess Candidates To Find Top Talent

Organizations usually have a general idea of what they’re looking for in a new employee. They require specific skills or experience to fulfill the job duties and take care of tasks. Thus, you have the opportunity to turn your learning platform into a vetting tool. Pre-assess candidates to identify the top contenders and determine what each applicant has to offer.

You can even conduct qualitative assessments to gauge their soft skills, such as branching scenarios to test their decision-making capabilities. These qualitative assessments are also ideal for online onboarding training, as they allow you to gauge performance and skill gaps which employees need to address.

2. Offer Free Online Training Courses

Free online training courses may be an investment. However, they also give you the rare opportunity to monitor employee performance and assess their skills before they join your organization. Your Learning platform can help you track everything from completion rates and engagement to activity performance.

What’s the secret?

Simply, provide free online training courses that align with your organization’s needs and objectives. For instance, you’re looking for candidates who possess certain skills or expertise. Therefore, your free online training courses should include online training activities and assessments that put these abilities to the test. Participants get the chance to expand their knowledge, and your talent acquisition system is able to fill its tanks with great candidates.

3. Use Training Simulations To Test Practical Knowledge

Training simulations mimic real-world environments and challenges. This makes them the ideal recruitment tool, as you can test practical knowledge and experience. Candidates must use their knowledge and skills to achieve a favorable outcome.

But how exactly do simulations help HR talent acquisition?

Online training simulations reveal how much they know about the tools of the trade, such as the software or machinery they’ll be using at work. If the candidate is qualified but lacks the tech know-how, you have the opportunity to address the issue up front. For example, provide them with supplemental training resources during their onboarding. This brings them up to speed and lessens the forgetting curve when they officially enter the workplace.

4. Create Skill-Centered Online Certification Programs

Online certification programs serve a dual purpose. Firstly, they allow corporate learners to test their skills and display their proficiency. Those who are able to complete the necessary coursework and pass the online assessments earn a certificate, which serves as proof that they mastered the topic or task through your online certification program.

The second purpose is to spot top performers who possess certain talents or abilities. For example, some participants may collect a number of certificates or have unique skills, which your organization requires. You can even charge for more involved or comprehensive online certification courses that are in demand, or simply offer them for free to recruit new employees.

5. Test The Waters With Serious Games

Games might not spring to mind when discussing talent acquisition strategies, but beyond being fun and interactive, they are also great evaluation tools for job candidates.

How does playing games help talent recruitment?

The key is to create serious games that focus on desired traits or abilities, as well as the overall hiring objectives. They allow you to test the waters and identify individuals who are just right for your team. For example, you need someone who can increase your customer service scores and lead your sales team. Thus, your serious game should center on communication, negotiation, and leadership skills.

6. Host Regular “Meet And Greet” Webinars

Webinars are a great addition to your online training program, but they can also help with talent recruitment. They allow candidates to ask questions and interact directly with your organization. Invite managers, supervisors, and other leaders to host a live webinar.

You can invite the top contenders you are considering for the position, or post an open invitation on your social media page and forum. Just make sure that you have a video conferencing platform that can support the audience size.

And what should you talk about?

During this “meet and greet” webinar, participants learn more about the organization and job responsibilities, while the hosts learn more about the participants. For instance, do they actively engage with the host by asking questions? Are they willing to share tips or ideas with other attendees who need more clarification?

7. Start Corporate eLearning Forums And Social Media Groups

Candidates who are active in online discussions and social media groups are more likely to participate in online training. These individuals understand the value of learning technology and social interactions. As such, they are going to use the tools available to improve their skills.

Start corporate eLearning forums and social media groups that are dedicated to applicants. Post a new question or prompt each week to spark online discussions and get their honest input. You can learn a lot about candidates based on their responses and level of engagement.

Corporate eLearning can help you with new talent recruitment and give your candidates a sneak preview of what’s to come. Candidates know that your organization values L&D, which is a significant perk for those who want to continually hone their skills. As such, they are likely to seize the opportunity to join your team and be more productive on the job. This improves your corporate eLearning ROI and reduces employee churn.

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