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SCORM goes mobile with eFront for Android

Here at Epignosis HQ, we don’t consider industry standards to be mere buzzwords to list on our spec list, or boxes to tick on a feature comparison matrix.

Rather, standards compliance is one of the most important aspects of enterprise software. It helps to free our customers from vendor lock-in, allows for open data exchange, and enables all kinds of uses and integration options.

That’s especially true for the two well-established eLearning data interchange formats, SCORM and xAPI (Tin Can), both of which eFront has long supported.

Starting from eFront’s Android application’s latest update, we are proud to announce that we’ll be supporting mobile SCORM in both online and offline learning modes.

SCORM what?

Now, unless you’ve used it before, you might be wondering what this SCORM thing is and what all the fuss is about.

Well, SCORM (short for Shareable Content Object Reference Model) is the de facto industry standard that governs the way that a content created in any software can communicate with an LMS or a Talent Development System, in order to register user progress, training status, quiz answers, etc.

The web edition of eFront has long offered native support for SCORM version 1.2 ― the most successful and widely adopted version of the standard. This functionality is now also available on our Android app.

Mobile SCORM now goes offline on eFront for Android - eFront Blog

Mobile SCORM on eFront for Android

As was the case before, eFront administrators can upload a SCORM-compatible zip file with training content and select to add it to a course, and users can open it just like with any native eFront training unit.

What’s new is that eFront for Android can now process your SCORM units to make them mobile-compatible, show them to users in the eFront app, and sync their progress with the parent eFront Learning and Talent Development portal.

So, if a user is offline when they interact with a mobile SCORM course, their progress will be stored locally, and synced automatically when they get back online.

Other improvements

Besides the offline SCORM capabilities, the new update also brings support for offline images in your training content ― the learner can download them all by selecting to “sync all units” in the units listing, or can opt to download a particular unit by clicking on it directly.

Mobile SCORM now goes offline on eFront for Android - eFront Blog

Of course, the new release also comes with the usual assortment of usability enhancements, bug fixes, and workflow improvements. Oh, and for our Russian friends, eFront for Android now also supports the Russian language. пожалуйста!

Since you are referring to Russian, eFront also supports, Russia’s most popular web conferencing portal (but that has to do with the web app, not the mobile app, so just fyi for now)

The latest version of eFront for Android is already available in the Google Play Store, and, as always, it’s a free download.

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