5 Tips on Using Videos for eLearning

eLearning programs are seldom developed without videos. If you have ever experienced one without videos, you may have noticed how lifeless it is.

Videos add the “human” element to eLearning. The voice and the human footage create a sense of classroom environment that is so hard to create otherwise. In this article, we discuss some essential tips on creating eLearning videos.

Videos are rapidly becoming the leading Internet traffic pathway in eLearning environments. In fact, an extant research indicates that videos would capture 84% of eLearning traffic by 2018. How will you beat a competition so fierce such as this? Revamp yourself with some new video development strategies.

Pedagogy and andragogy experts tell us that showing a skill is better than telling a skill. Connect the learner directly to the real-world, and they immediately recognize the value of their learning program. Videos have a knack to do just that. By visually demonstrating the learning concepts, videos can hook learners right from the start!

The popularity of YouTube videos suggest a strong affinity of humans towards visual content. Teaching strategies that incorporate videos, immediately motivate the learner and continue to engage them throughout the learning session.

Let’s look at some in-demand practices for you, the eLearning developer, to create better videos in your next eLearning program:

Establish Clear Goals

Without a clear goal and matching objectives you cannot create a video. A clear goal is the same to a video that a theme or central idea is to a movie.

Create a video storyboard and scripts based on learning objectives. Divide tough objectives into sub-objectives and then create the video in order to remain clear throughout the process. When your intentions are clear, they will come across loud and confidently through the video!

Be Brief

You are by no means creating the next Ben-Hur! If you really want to, then you are in the wrong business!

eLearning videos are short and segmented. The story for each learning objective may be long, but it is presented in segments. Lengthy videos are broken into bite-sized snippets that may range from 1 to 2 minutes. The length should help learners digest the information easily. Include more visuals than text.

Voiceover for Videos

If you want to emulate the classroom training, add voiceover to your videos. To be honest, you can record your own voice, as long as you sound lively and speak clearly.

Make sure you add closed captions for accessibility. Voiceovers are easier to prepare nowadays, with various websites offering professional VO services on the cheap.

Closed Captioned Videos

As mentioned before, closed captions add to the accessibility of your eLearning program. Your learners will also be aided by transcripts and closed captioning to make sure they have the “notes” of the lecture.

Again, adding captions will make your eLearning akin to real classroom learning. Students who do not speak English as their native language will also thank you for this additional layer of information. A popular caption creating software is Camtasia Studio.

Screen Capture

Simulation videos are one of a kind. They capture a process or an application in progress through screen capture software like Camtasia and Screenr. You can even insert interactivity in simulations so that the steps are guided and controlled using questions and answers between course and learner.

For example, you need to show your learner how to create pivot tables in Excel. You can create one while capturing your actions using Screenr and inserting the clip alongside your instructions. Learning about pivot tables will be more interesting and memorable this way than by reading only the instructions or viewing accompanying images.

These tips should help you create effective videos for your eLearning courses. Creating videos is a fun activity. With the availability of video development and editing in handheld devices, videos are easier to produce to meet the demanding eLearning industry.

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