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“We believe that learning can become better through technology, and we work hard to prove it. Our main product, eFront, is a new type of learning tool that emphasizes the user experience without compromising functionality.” – eFront

Our intent at eFront is to deliver leading learning technology to our customers, and to remain at the forefront of learning platform research and development.

In a market of hundreds of vendors, it is hard to maintain a position at the top, but that is our goal. Central to the achievement of this ambition is the delivery of the latest software to support learning needs as they evolve.

Our key focus is the corporate learner.

Professional learning and development have unique challenges that schools and universities do not have – and vice versa. A learning platform for one is not necessarily suitable for the other, except in a most generic way.

eFront is a new and rewritten evolution of our original open source LMS, eFront. The user experience has been completely reshaped. It is now more attractive and easier to use.

There are some great new features such as informal content creation from web-based content, which can be quickly combined with a test if desired.

Another excellent feature is the responsive design which allows your content to be displayed accurately to users regardless of the platform (PC, Smartphone or Tablet). This fully serves the growing requirement for Mobile Learning, which is becoming central to any learning content-delivery strategy.

Another feature worth mentioning is that eFront is a private cloud LMS. This means that it can be deeply integrated and extended across other software platforms within the organization, such as social workplaces, to embed the learning content directly into the user environment. When this feature is leveraged, it becomes possible to deliver personalized learning environments based on user choices.

In short, eFront is a modern LMS – it combines all the power of a formal eLearning platform with the additional functionality of an informal, workplace learning software solution.

Not surprisingly, eFrontpro is becoming a fast favorite for corporate buyers today. Whether starting out with a learning platform for the first time or replacing an older, less-functional system, LMS buyers are opting for the flexibility and power of eFront.

As a result of this rapid success, we at eFront find ourselves in need of Partners to serve the market demand.

And that is the point of this blog post. We are looking for new Value Added Resellers to serve our global market.

The global LMS market is forecast for substantial growth in the next few years and is already a multi-billion-dollar market.

The most successful LMS vendors will be those like eFront who continually deliver functionality for formal and informal learning and knowledge sharing.

If you are a learning solutions provider considering the addition of an LMS option to your portfolio, or if you are doing a review of your current products and would like to see what we have, please contact us today for an initial discussion.

You won’t be disappointed in our value proposition or our business support, and you will be delighted with our commitment to making you successful.

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Simon Birt is VP Global Business Development for eFront at Epignosis LLC. He is an experienced business developer in the learning and development software market, specifically in helping resellers increase their revenues across the world. He is the author of ‘Learning Unscripted: Conversations and Presentation with Learning Leaders‘.

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