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OpenSesame integration in eFront 4.2.0


Have you checked out the latest eFront 4.2.0 update? If you haven’t, you should.

It might sound like “just a point release” but, as usual with eFront updates, it packs a mighty punch, with new features such as revamped ILT support, one-click upgrades, new question types, improved security and more.

In this post, though, we’ll focus in one of the most eagerly awaited new features, integration with OpenSesame, a leading SCORM compatible eLearning content provider, which enables you to search for and purchase ready-made content to add to your courses right from within eFront’s administration panel.

OpenSesame’s content is great value for enterprises and organizations, as it can help you save time and effort, reduce costs, and expand the breadth of your courses. And even if you’re decidedly in favor of custom content, a ready-made lesson can help you complete a course’s curriculum with supplementary material or insights on a topic you’re not familiar with.

Here’s how you can leverage OpenSesame’s huge content library from eFront in four easy steps:

1. Accessing OpenSesame content from eFront

Configuring your eFront installation to use OpenSesame is quite easy, you just have to visit the “Integrations page” (which is found under System Settings on your eFront portal) and enter your OpenSesame API and Secret keys. These will be provided to you by our technical team.

With OpenSesame enabled, a new “Add from marketplace” option is added to the Courses page. Clicking on it takes you to the OpenSesame marketplace, from where you can browse and buy from the available courses.

2. Buying OpenSesame content

OpenSesame courses are displayed as lesson “bundles”. Clicking on a bundle allows you to see its contents, and enables an “add to eFront” button associated with the bundle.

As expected, clicking the “add to eFront” button downloads the bundle content and makes it available to eFront. Depending on the size of the course, this may take a while ― a great opportunity to visit the espresso machine or the office’s water cooler.

OpenSesame provides several payment options and pricing items that cater to all user cases, from “OpenSesame Plus” that gives you unlimited access to its content, to “Pay-Per-Use” membership options, as well as Standard and Site (domain based) licenses. Have a look at the available tiers in OpenSesame’s website to pick up what’s best for your business.

3. Integrating OpenSesame content in your courses

Bundles downloaded from OpenSesame contain a number of SCORM units which eFront automagically converts to individual regular lessons.

You can treat OpenSesame originated content as you would any regular lesson module, adding to it as many courses as you like, etc.

4. We lied.

There is no step four.

We made sure OpenSesame integration is so intuitive, that you can go from configuring eFront to being able to use your purchased content in no time.

eLearning, in the end, is all about content. And with 3,500 professional quality OpenSesame Plus courses, and a total catalog of over 25,000 courses at your disposal, you’ll find that there’s something to cover most of your content needs, from basic MS Office use to specialized courses for the Healthcare and Gas industry, and everything in between.

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