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eFront demo: take the Mercedes of the eLearning world for a test-drive


Features, spec lists, and comparison matrices…

While those can tell you something about a product, they seldom tell the whole story, and they can be downright misleading.

In the sense that Mercedes cars, just like Fiat’s, have 1 engine, 4 tires, 2 airbags, and 2 wipers, but your experience with each of those brands will be far from identical.

Or take eFront as an example: we have lots of features, including some that the rest of the competition still lacks. But, what we’re really proud of is our legendary ease of use and flexible workflow, something that you cannot put on a spec list.

That’s why we’re big on taking our products for a test drive and getting a sense of their power and ease of use for yourself. And our new demo program for eFront allows you to do just that.

From our demo site you can create your personal demo account and evaluate eFront for a whole month.

Now, if spec lists and features galore are your thing, we’ve got those too. But there’s nothing like a little hands-on experience to show you how a product performs in real life.

So take eFront for a test drive today, and see how its best-of-breed design and workflow make deploying your eLearning courses faster and more efficient.

Vroom vroom vrooooooom!

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