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eFront goes BETA


The quick version of this post: Visit to try the newest eFront.

eFront, our industry leading e-learning solution has always been a great professional tool, catering to the needs and requirements of medium size enterprises and organizations. And today we have some important news about it to share!

In an enterprise software market often filled with convoluted, pricey and oversold products, eFront was met with great success and thousands of satisfied users ― including companies like Fujitsu, Panasonic and Starbucks and educational institutions from both sides of the Atlantic from Moscow State University to the University of South Carolina.

That doesn’t mean we rested on our laurels.

We listened to our costumers and users, studied their needs and use cases, and did extensive research into what makes a good e-learning tool and what the industry’s future lies. Then we went back to our labs.

Today, we  present to you the beta version of our upcoming flagship product, eFront.

eFront combines the depth of eFront with a new fluid interface, revamped reporting and support for blended learning, to name but a few highlight features.

And if you have invested in eFront and love it, don’t worry: eFront maintains a familiar tone and keeps everything that made eFront a success in the first place.

Did we pique your interest? Here are some of the ways in which eFront will enhance your e-learning experience:

Redesigned UI

eFront’s UI has been redesigned using the latest internet UI paradigms (responsive design, bootstrap-3, and modern HTML5 for the geeks out there). That means it works and looks great in all modern devices, desktop or mobile. We’ve also de-cluterred the interface for a more intuitive, seamless workflow.

Content creation made easy(er)

With eFront we focused on intuitive content management, making really easy to create and re-use your e-learning material regardless of format. You can reuse PDFs, Videos, Audios, Images or SCORM and Tincan or leverage web material from Youtube, Vimeo, Prezi and other sources.

Reporting 2.0

With a firm belief that good reporting is crucial in managing an e-learning environment, we went ahead and revamped our reporting tools to provide more clarity and easy access to key information, including a whole new filtering system so that you can see just what you need. To top it all, our new visualization of user activity offers a stunning way to report your learners’ progress.

Will it Blend?

If you’re asking about eFront, the answer is yes. With eFront we provide all the tools you need to manage a blended learning environment of both your online and offline training programs. With our innovate “classroom” course type you can organize and moderate physical world courses online, with the same ease that eFront always offered for your e-learning courses.

Works even when your internet doesn’t

By leveraging the latest web technologies eFront lets you work both online and offline with equal ease. With the offline content feature you can download a lesson for offline viewing directly within your browser. Perfect for reading on an airplane or train ride.

eFront is not just our product. It’s yours too.

If you want to use eFront to resell courses we have great news for you, as eFront offers a wealth of e-commerce extensions, such as Paypal-Pro support, as well as new ways to handle complex e-commerce relationships through Group-accounts, Contracts and Price Tracks.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg ― we have taken the time to rethink and improve upon almost every part of eFront’s operation, while still keeping the same familiar interface and focus that our users love.

Interested already?

eFront is available for beta testing in Take it for a test drive and see our vision for the future of eFront platform and e-learning.

Your feedback, whether is bug reports, feature requests, or criticism, is more than welcome. We have made it really easy to provide feedback. Embedded in every page you will see a SEND FEEDBACK button. Through it you can send your feedback in a straighforward way.

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