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LMS Market Report (and how eFront Delivers)


An LMS platform is an essential tool for the modern enterprise and organization. But, with all the available options and vendors, finding one with the right balance of features to cover all your educational and business needs can be quite daunting. Fortunately, there’s some help coming your way. Software Advice, the Texas based software experts offering detailed reviews, comparisons and advice to software buyers have just released their latest annual report for the LMS market.

Software Advice’s 2014 Learning Management System BuyerView report, aims to uncover “the top LMS buyer trends, including motivations for purchasing new software, deployment preferences and the most sought-after features“, by analyzing the information the firm gathered from interacting with thousands of LMS buyers.

Such tracking of e-learning trends can be very valuable for prospective LMS buyers, since it provides them with an overview of the market and offers them insight on industry trends and important buying considerations.

Now, if you allow us to proudly tout our own horn, we’d like to go through the key findings of Software Advice’s 2014 Learning Management System BuyerView report with you, and explain how eFront has your needs covered.

1) Automatic for the people

Over one-third of the prospective LMS buyers noted that they were using manual methods to train their employees, such as in-person training sessions. If this describes your organization, our eFront Enterprise Learning Management System can help you automate the whole training process, while at the same time letting your employees go through it at their own pace, without rigid training schedules and wasted productivity.

2) Web of trust

The overwhelming majority of prospective LMS buyers that Software Advice spoke to, said they prefer Web-based software. Makes sense to us: web-based software enables remote collaboration, requires no installation by the students, is cross-platform, and, with the advances in web technologies such as HTML5, is also mighty capable. Attributes that perfectly describe eFront, out web-based enterprise grade LMS.

3) On the right track

One of the most requested features among LMS buyers was the ability to track and record the training process. With eFront that’s a piece of cake ― or rather, pie. As in the comprehensive pie and bar charts produced by our highly flexible Reports Generator, with enable you to visually track your trainees progress. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg: eFront offers full logging of student actions, comprehensive reports showing the skills and educational status of all employees, and the ability to assign skills to employees when they complete specific lessons.

4) What was old is new again

Also high on the priorities for potential LMS buyers was the ability to upload and store training content already created (e.g manually). eFront prides itself on its powerful and flexible visual content editor, but it’s no slouch when it comes to integrating existing content either. With support for a variety of media types, a comprehensive File Manager and Digital Library system that enables administrators to upload, organize, use and share files, and full SCORM compliance that enables SCORM content to be imported into the system, eFront has you covered. Plus, it’s modular nature enables the writing of custom plugins that can leverage existing content or talk to third-party systems.

5) Reporting without borders

Reporting is another must-have item, being the third most commonly requested feature in the Survey. And it’s one area were eFront excels, with a full blown Report Generator that makes creating reports a breeze, and tons of report types that cover every business need, like time-constraint reports, events reports, branch reports, participation reports, certificate reports, and more.

6) High scoring

Last, but not least, in our breakdown of most requested LMS features, is the ability to do automated testing and scoring. eFront is once again ahead of the pack here, with it’s intuitive Test Builder that allow teachers to create tests quickly, and reuse questions across multiple tests. And, acknowledging the fact that students learn best at their own pace, eFront enables you to identify the skills that your students lack and personalize their training paths.

If you’re looking to buy the right LMS for your enterprise or organization, we suggest you have a look at Software Advice’s 2014 Learning Management System BuyerView report. It will give you a pretty good idea of what features other LMS buyers value and what the current trends in enterprise LMS use are.

And then you’ll know why our own eFront Enterprise Learning Management System is really the best-of-breed LMS solution, that covers all those needs and more

Learning Management Systems BuyerView Report | 2014 from Software Advice

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