How online learning is applied in the workplace (blog series)

We are often asked about how learning technologies, such as the eFront LMS, can be applied in the workplace so we recently put together a series of blog posts to explain the concept:

  • Part I: Customer service: Offering customer service training to employees has been shown to drive sales and give businesses a strong competitive advantage. This is why it is imperative that businesses invest in quality programs.
  • Part II: Sales training: Good sales training courses can lead to an increase in activity levels; sales volumes and order size; improved sales force retention, employee motivation and engagement and a greater receptiveness to change.
  • Part III: Safety training: The main benefit of online training when it comes to safety and compliance is that employees can be reached everywhere, all over the world, at any time. Such virtual safety training leads to a decreased risk of on-the-job injury and accidents.
  • Part IV: Product training: There are many benefits to online product training including: flexibility in terms of pace, time, location (multiple locations are possible and in different markets), convenience, and preferred device. Trained staff are more efficient and up-to-date with applicable knowledge leading to greater efficiency, productivity, and increased profits.
  • Part V: Healthcare training: The benefits of elearning are: decreased costs, increased adoption speed, and compliance and tracking amongst others. ELearning can complement or even replace in-person training in many cases.
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    Very useful educational stuff for increasing companies productivity. Online training is a great way for upgrading employees’ skills. It’s cost and time efficient and can be effective as well.

  • my problem just how to make an interactive content of elearning, to make an attention for the people who access it

  • E-learning is great for businesses! It allows them to keep their staff as up to date as possible, without spending too much money on hiring instructors and whatnot. On the job training is the key for increased productivity.

  • Although e-learning does have its advantages, I do think that some things are better taught face to face and with actual human contact. Sales training is all about human contact, I don’t think that sales skills can be developed by online courses, they can only be developed on-site, with an expert telling employees what they are doing wrong and how they can improve.