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5 things beyond open source eFront

We recently put together a list of the coolest features (and the all-important ‘6th element’) in commercial editions of eFront. From specialized reports to TinCan which offers the freedom to learn through more engaging ways, here we list the features that stand out the most:


There is no end to the need for specialized reports! And although it isn’t feasible to create a report for each and every individual, eFront Enterprise offers a flexible way around this by allowing users to design their own!


Before even taking a course skill-gap tests can be used to determine which courses users should take. Skill-gap tests spot the gaps in user knowledge and map them with courses especially designed to fill those gaps. Skill-gap tests are an advanced functionality usually found in expensive talent management software – but they come as a standard in eFront Educational and eFront Enterprise.


Multi-tenancy aka Branches is a hot topic for LMSs and for good reason.
If your organization has multiple teams and each team requires their own
courses, users and themes YET at the same time you, as an LMS owner,
need a centralized way to administer everything, then you most definitely need this functionality.


Constant communication is a key factor in successful eLearning implementations. Notifications allow you communicate through automated, yet customized, emails, in an endless number of system events.
For example, you can send an email a week or a day before a course expires – this functionality comes in handy if users have forgotten to complete courses.


The world of eLearning standards is changing rapidly. The TinCan API, the successor of SCORM, promises a number of freedoms: freedom from the browser, freedom to work offline, freedom to use your mobile or tablet, and the freedom to learn through more engaging ways such as games. eFront is always at the forefront of such developments and offers exceptional support for TinCan API – and is one of the first LMSs to do so.

 – THE 6th ELEMENT –

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer professional hands on support for all commercial editions of eFront.

For more on our commerical solutions or the open source eFront edition please visit our website or contact us directly!

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