Part 2: Using Facebook as a learning platform (videos)

For those who missed last week’s post “Part 1: Using Facebook as a learning platform” we shared some important links for instructors interested in using Facebook with students.

This week I would like to share my favorite YouTube videos on the subject!

1. Using Facebook to teach: Bullis School teacher Sara Romeyn talks about using Facebook as a teaching tool in her AP U.S. History Class.

2. Facebook used in the college classroom: Since 2011, Niagara County Community College Instructor Kara Morhous Spoth has used Facebook groups to enhance her English 102 classes. A Facebook group allows members to communicate with one another, and to receive notification of what the administrator posts on the group’s wall. Faculty can use a Facebook group to post audio and visual supplements to class material; notify members of upcoming events and schedule changes; provide a digital space for members to ask questions and post comments on the group’s wall; and give members the option to use group chat and Facebook messages to study for tests and discuss upcoming tasks.

3. Social networking sites have educational benefits: University of Minnesota researcher Christine Greenhow breaks down how her research has found that social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace can have an impact for learning and educational growth for high school students. By working with students in a Minneapolis high school to study how they use the social sites, she has discovered that the benefits may just outweigh any risks.
This video is part of the Expert Perspectives series at the University of Minnesota.

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