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eFront V3.6.13 has just been released!

Today we would like to announce a new version of eFront! 🙂

The most notable addition to this version is Tin Can support. We took the time to bundle also several UI improvements, a WordPress integration plugin, a new introductory course, and a number of additional enhancements  to make your favorite learning tool even better.

So check out what’s new!

Tin Can

This is the first version of eFront with internal support for Tin Can.  eFront has implemented the 0.95 version of the standard, which is the most recent one. On top of the implementation you will find a robust way to filter down the reports per user, action or module.

Simple / Complete mode

eFront is becoming more complete with each version. Completeness comes with an unavoidable complexity factor. Starting with this version eFront offers a simple/complete switch on the header than can hide or reveal several elements. And here’s the best part:  you can fully customize the simple/complete behavior from Settings > Customization.

UI improvements

This version makes use of several bootstrap elements for popups and drop-down menus. We also introduce a redesigned header and a Go-to dropdown menu on admin for instant access to common functions.

Introductory Course

All new installations come bundled with a short introductory course about eFront. This is based on the brand new eFront videos you can find on our YouTube channel:


WordPress plugin

We have created a WordPress plugin that may come in handy for anyone that wanting to further customize his/her learning portal. With this plugin you can achieve the following:

  1. List your eFront courses and lessons and their content in WordPress.
  2. Allow your users to signup to eFront through WordPress.
  3. Allow your users to get or buy eFront courses or lessons.
  4. Achieve good integration performance through caching.

You can find more info on this plugin and download it for free from the following URL: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/efront/ and a sample implementation at: http://wpdemo.efrontlearning.net/

Other improvements

This version comes with several additional improvements on Certification, Relative lessons schedule and Facebook integration fixes.

For a detailed log of changes and related discussions check the forum post at: http://forum.efrontlearning.net/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=7983

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