FERGHSC on adopting eFront LMS & creating a new revenue stream

FERGHSC is an online tutoring business based in Sydney, Australia that focuses on supporting students in their final year of schooling (the Australian Higher School Certificate aka HSC) their focus is on developing systems for HSC success through video lessons, interactive feedback such as their essay marking service and website course material, developed by a team of experts.

We had the pleasure of speaking with the FERGHSC team recently and gained some insight into why they chose eFront over other LMS’ and how it helped them create a new revenue stream. Here are a few snippets from the full customer story:

On choosing eFront: “A strong consideration was the ability to monetize our online business model, offering various courses at different price points, however it was the suite of built in modules [in eFront] which we felt allowed us to get started quickly and hit the ground running.”

On what they’ve achieved: “Thanks to the eFront system we are able to continuously built upon our existing courses, adding value through additional lesson material and extra quiz questions. For example, with the math type built in we are able for the first time to offer mathematics courses online and continue to add new material to these courses.”

“The best thing is that students just love the software and find it very easy to use.”

For more check out the full customer story on Slideshare:

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