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iPad competition finalists announced!

We would like to thank all contributors for their competition blog post submissions. It was a tough competition with a very high level of entries from all over the world – but we have nailed it down to our 5 favorites!

  1. Competition Finalist 1: John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime Uni. Case Study by Cristin Arante
  2. Competition Finalist 2: Meeting Learner’s Needs by Bob Little
  3. Competition Finalist 3: Social Learning Applied by Kalliopi Sigala
  4. Competition Finalist 4: Top 10 Startup Social Media Curation Tools for Social Learning in the Workplace by Duma Cornel Lucian
  5. Competition Finalist 5: Learning on Tablets by Rosalie Ledda

How will the winner be selected, and when will the winner be announced?

The most popular post will win the competition – that is, the post with the most social shares and engagement! We will leave these posts on the blog for a 3 week period from today to collect shares and comments and we will use all of our social media channels to share over the competition period!

The winner will be announced on January 10th and will be notified by email and on social media channels!

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