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Competition Finalist 1: John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime Uni. Case Study

This entry was submitted by Cristin Arante

The John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University comprises three major academic units: JBLFMU-Arevalo, JBLFMU-Molo and JBLCF-Bacolod. In addition, the University encompasses a wide array of centers and programs, libraries, museums, administrative support offices and a training center that supports continuing training and education programs. Approximately 11,000 students attend the University.
Being the only maritime university in Philippines and the first maritime university in Asia, the JBLFMU is committed to the development of a culture of excellence in maritime education and training, and responds to the need of time by acknowledging the practical and operational advancement of Online Distance Learning (ODL) mode of delivery.

The Situation

The JBLFMU-Distance Education-Open Learning Office (DE-OL) aims to extend graduate maritime studies throughout the country and the whole world; to provide opportunities for instructors/trainers in maritime educational institutions, personnel of maritime and shipping industries on-board ship and/or ashore to acquire a master’s degree in Maritime Education, Maritime Management and/or Ship Management. The system of programs uses both on-campus and off-campus methods of delivering education to a wide range of students around the globe, who want to enhance their competencies to better, prepare them for a career in maritime institutions and industries.

The Solution

With the goal of extending maritime studies, the JBLFMU-DEOL Office, with full support from the Unit administration, a feasibility study on different open-source LMS solutions was conducted. The “experimental implementation” of several LMS including eFront revealed that, in terms of cost savings and easy control, eFront is the best tool to use in engaging online distance learning.
eFront is a modern learning system, bundled with several functionalities ranging from learning delivery, communication tools, reporting, and administration, up  to advanced security (eFront, 2012). It also provides an extremely wide array of functionalities but remains simple and easy to use.  The technical requirements of solution are straightforward, which means that the solution can be rapidly implemented.

Learning modules, study guides with instructions and other materials, including video and audio tapes, are provided. Upon enrollment, the student is assigned an instructor who receives his lessons and offers comments and suggestions. The instructor gives a copy of the documents to the DE Office where grades are recorded and mailed or emailed back to the student.

With the DE-OLS, the student has the freedom to tailor his learning to his demanding schedule. The system, however, requires the student’s self-motivation and discipline. Through Distance Education, one can work towards a master’s degree in Maritime Education, Maritime Management or Ship Management. The courses offered via distance education or open learning system allows students to move up the career ladder or expand his understanding of subjects as diverse as maritime law, socio-economic development, maritime pollution and environment preservation, quantitative analysis in business, etc.

Lessons Learned

eFront, being open by nature, has the means to customize relevant requirements that best suit the University’s needs. Among the main attraction that makes eFront the finest learning delivery are: content management, assessments, projects, scheduling, glossary, file library, lesson rules, SCORM 1.2, linked lessons, lesson capacity and course instances among others (eFront, 2012). It also has communication tools that provide both instructors and students constant collaboration among themselves be in or out of the classroom.

Another functionality that makes eFront the best solution is its ability to provide user reports, lesson reports, course reports, system reports and test reports. As to administration, it is capable of importing/exporting courses and lessons with multilingual support. Not the least of its capability is its advanced security which provides the user and administrator exceptional security, scalability and support; eFront is professionally supported and designed to last. It is always reliable because someone is regularly available on hand if something does go wrong.


The University hopes to conduct its education services and school management via the digital realm, delivering rich media resources, providing collaboration tools for project work, and encouraging online communication between students and instructors. These are made possible through the aid of LMS solutions found in eFront.

Among LMS solutions, eFront takes the lead in terms of integration with the corporate and educational environment. The overall implementation of the JBLFMU – ODL is successful and delivered on time and with relative beneficial results. The primary benefit is that all online courses provided by the school can now be delivered and accessed to and by all concerned over the school’s network or internet. Instructors are now more adept to develop digital course content and have learned how to set, mark and record student progress online.

  • Roderick

    The best manifestation of making learning effective via digital realm is thru choosing the best LMS solution. It is no joke to simply implement an eLearning education without looking into the needs of the learners. eFront is truly tailored-fit to the needs of the educator to fully implement quality education as well as to the learners to be at ease in their learning.

  • Education is becoming expensive not only to monetary cost but also to the time the person will be available to finish certain course. Good thing somebody got the idea that these concerns can be resolve using available tools and technology that can be accessed by anybody, wherever they are right now.
    With this idea, overseas offshore and onshore workers can improve their educational attainment on their past time and can help alleviate their loneliness in thinking that they are far from their love ones.

    • Cristin Arante

      I agree with that. Thanks to eFront LMS solution. JBLFMU’s endeavor on eLearning became possible.

  • leo palcutan

    This is awesome.. Learning can be easier..

  • Kate

    Another excellent way of learning…Worth to try…

  • Paul

    Students like online learning because of its 24/7 flexibility, at least with e-learning that is asynchronous so that they can access/use/learn whenever it fits their schedule. Another big benefit of online learning is that there are no driving and campus parking hassles for both students and teachers when courses are online.

    • Cristin Arante

      That is very true Paul. This is why people will have no reason at all why not to be educated. We have available technologies on our side and learning is no longer hard to achieve. People need only to be proactive and open-minded to use technology for the betterment. Learning via eLearning offers greater comfort for those who like to be educated.

      • lorna o fajardo

        i am lorna o fajardo , extensively involved in maritime affairs while in govt. am retired now. can i still b considered in your elearning program? if yes, how do i go about this. started a maritime adm course at WMU but bcuz my husband got seriously ill had to leave early on and that has remained hanging in the air. is there still a chance i can get into d swirl of things and get updates in this sector at d same time earn d missed certificate i was hoping to get?

        • hi! and thanks for your interest in eLearning. I know having this kind of great opportunity thru eFront any learners can have easy access to education they never had done in awhile. For your concerns please free to access our website: http://elearning.jblfmu.edu.ph/odl. Thank you again and hope to see you in our class.

  • Angel Fronda

    Best teaching can be achieved by what a teacher is tasked to do and how is that task executed by a teacher. There are several procedures and rules written and implemented (in which I can’t certainly pinpoint) that served as a guidance on how a best teaching can be achieved but I still believed that the most efficient way of achieving best teaching is teaching with passion to a subject matter, teaching with dedication, teaching with commitment to make student learn, and most of all is teaching competently. Best teaching is characterized by how the student been able to learn and the seen output like competency to a certain field of specialization. This best teaching nowadays are doable too with the aid of best LMS solution – the eFront.

  • William Miaque

    This is very helpful to all clients who wants to continue their education even though they are far. And we must be thankful too to those person who has the capability to see the needs of the clients who wants to continue their learning using eLearning via eFront.