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Partner stories: the latest on CLICK&LEARN, our Austrian partner

eFront’s Austrian partner, CLICK&LEARN, has just come out with a new website (which we think looks pretty fab!), and have put together a wonderful animated video on eFront (What is eFront? – or, Was ist eFront? In German) that we’d like to share with you! And even if your German is rusty the animation is still great and gets the concept across:

A little background on our partner, CLICK&LEARN:

CLICK&LEARN was founded in 1998, is based in Linz, Austria, and is known within the EU for its innovative methods in implementing knowledge-based training programs and learning solutions with state-of-the-art technology. Please check out their website for more on their offerings and especially their new addition – the Talent LMS (for English click here!)

To read an interview with CLICK&LEARN and learn more about what they’ve achieved through their involvement with eFront please check this blog post!

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