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Epignosis, eFront & TalentLMS

Our Technical Director, Athanasios Papagelis, recently gave a talk to introduce Talent LMS – the ‘new, cloud based, lean LMS that emphasizes usability and easy course creation’. Please check out his presentation here!

Many of our readers may not be familiar with Epignosis – the company behind eFront learning solutions. Epignosis has from the very beginning aimed to serve the small and medium enterprise as a learning technology provider and “democratizer” for elearning. How so? With eFront the vision was that every single business could have access to quality, affordable, easy-to-use, technology tools – and Epignosis has always been committed to producing value-for-money technology solutions for the small and medium enterprise. For more on our vision and where it stems from please check this post!

How eFront compares with TalentLMS

eFront began its life as the brainchild of the Epignosis team in 2003, and now boasts over 500K downloads for the open-source edition, 500+ customers and 40+ partners worldwide. With the introduction of the TalentLMS, Epignosis has now added SaaS to its offering and meets the user requirement for the following:

  • Saving time (‘coz none of us have enough of it!)
  • Cloud powered (which is really about convenience)
  • Reusing content quickly and easily (seriously, anyone can do it with Talent LMS)
  • Conventions-based (that means fewer settings, fewer bugs, and increased productivity)
  • Suitable for mobile devices
  • Simple, but not simplistic

For more on the Talent LMS

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