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What’s New in eFront LMS V3.6.11?

eFront‘s LMS V3.6.11 is out! The open-source edition can be downloaded from our site and for eFront Enterprise and Educational editions please contact eFront directly! Here I list a few of the great new features:

Customized branches

With the new version, users have the flexibility to create a completely different customized environment for each branch – with a specified URL, theme (logos, colors) and language. Users are able to access a branch using the specific URL and administrators can define which users will be able to login using their particular branch’s URL.  Conveniently, users that auto-register through a particular branch URL are automatically assigned to that branch.

More information about this feature is available on eFront’s wiki page.

Also new in branches is the ability to show courses/catalogue based on the initial login branch so that the course catalog is branch-specific. For more on branch editing visit this page.

Instructor has greater independence & flexibility

In eFront’s Enterprise version instructors have greater independence and administrators are freed up as they may be excluded from the lesson/course creating process. Instructors are now able to manage their own lessons and courses according to their needs. Note that new courses can only be assigned to the branch to which the instructor belongs.

Also, with the update to certification (for more on certification, see below), instructors can now change the course completion date for a student manually – allowing instructors the flexibility to match changing needs.

Certification – customized & personalized

Users can now personalize their experience with the ability to add their own key rather than the automatically generated number. And with the latest update to certification users can also retake their courses without losing their certificates (courses can be reset before the certificate expiration date).

Also with certificate extensions, instructors/administrators can easily customize by adding text to appear in the certificate as well as some predefined date variables related to the date that the certificate was issued.

For more details on updates to eFront LMS V3.6.11 please check out this post in our forum. And if you are already an eFront customer you can download the latest eFront version here.

Big announcements at eFront are coming in the next 8 weeks, so stay tuned! 🙂

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