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On joining the eFront community

After several years in social media / communications for new technologies, with a focus on the elearning industry (and of course, after having been an avid reader of the eFront blog myself!), I have now joined the eFront team. And I’m excited to be part of the eFront community!

I like blogging about social media, social learning, the future workplace, how culture affects learning, workplace collaboration,learning and talent management, innovation and disruptive technologies. I began my career in tertiary education, and then gravitated towards social media communications, blogging and community building. Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to work with many innovative products in the eLearning industry, but eFront always stood out with its flourishing online community (and reasons listed below!).

 And here are some of the reasons I’ve joined the eFront team:
  • ‘Coz we don’t believe busy people should spend their time learning how to use their platforms – eFront has an easy to use, intuitive user interface that will maximize the time spent learning new skills (not the platform!).
  •  ‘Coz we don’t believe elearning needs to be a mystery, eFront is open in nature. All eFront editions come with the source code. That means you can fully customize eFront to suit your organization’s unique needs, integrate it with other existing systems, customize its interface, and add new functionality through eFront’s modular architecture. Or we would be happy to do all these for you – just let us know 😉
  • ‘Coz we believe customers have the right to try before they buy.
  • ‘Coz we believe our customers should have help whenever they need it. Getting clients reflects on a company’s sales team whilst retaining clients is a sign of a well-run company where team members across different departments must collaborate to create a rewarding customer experience. eFront‘s success is largely due to the fact that eFront clients always have someone on hand if something goes wrong, and eFront’s customer retention rate reflects that at around 95%. And if that’s not convincing enough, check out our customer testimonials for more!
Yours in community,
Roberta Gogos – you can find me on Twitter, or feel free to connect on LinkedIn!

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