eFront the 1st open source eLearning solution that join OW2

eFront, the award winning, open source, and SCORM certified learning system, join the OW2 consortium – The open source community for infrastructure software. Some of the organizations that also joined the OW2 consortium include SugarCRM, France Telecom Group, XWiki SAS, in a total of 58 corporate members. It is true to say that OW2 if it isn’t the only one, it is the only substantial open-source foundation based in Europe.

What is OW2?

OW2 is an independent open source community committed to making available to everyone the best and most reliable enterprise computing infrastructure software, including middleware, application platforms and cloud computing technologies such eFront, that comes bundled with key enterprise functionality ranging from skill-gap analysis and branch management to tailor-made reports.

What is OW2 mission?
The mission of the OW2 Consortium is to develop a code base of open source software and to foster a vibrant community and business ecosystem.

Why Join OW2?
OW2 is the only non-profit open source organization gathering renowned industry leaders, academics and individuals, focusing entirely on promoting open source middleware, generic business applications and cloud computing software.

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